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Trump’s re-election

Is America already great again? Let’s hope the next elections will give the answer.
The US electoral system is as old as the States themselves, and also very confusing, so poor Americans already begin to prepare for presidential elections of 2020, which will be traditionally held in five stages. Don’t worry, we are not gonna get into that.
The candidates are usually nominated by the two most popular political parties: the Democratic and the Republican. But we all know that the countdown of the electoral process begins with the personal decision of a particular person to run for presidency. Especially when it’s Donald Trump!
It is already known that the 45th President of the United States plans to take part in the next elections. He officially declared this even during the inauguration for the first term. Most likely, he will be the Republican candidate since the overwhelming majority of the main political leaders of the Republican Party who could compete with Trump have publicly expressed support for the current president.
Today we know for sure that Donald Trump no longer competes in the presidential election with the former first lady of the United States Hillary Clinton who was his worthy Democratic party competitor in the elections of 2016.
Nevertheless, the American presidential race is never boring, and the number of people wishing to take part in it grows day by day. According to the latest BBC data, 16 Democrats have already announced their plans to run for elections. In addition, among those who expressed a desire to run for president, there is a large majority of women (six) and members of minorities (seven). Presidential elections are just like the Oscars nowadays! It’s all about tolerance and inclusion.
Now, let’s talk about the most important thing — the slogans! During the US presidential elections in 2020, the current American leader Donald Trump will reportedly use two of them for his campaign at once. This was told by the head of the White House, whose words are quoted by the Trump administration.
According to Trump, the slogan “Make America Great Again”, which was quite successful in 2016, he made up himself. But it might change into “Keep America Great ” because the president believes he has already made it great. How presumptuous! However, Trump noted that he might use both of the mentioned slogans. Good decision. Let the people decide which one they like better.

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