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A Breakthrough Introduction – India is Now on the Global Map of Online Gaming


India is about to launch a new generation of online games. That is the main reason why it was recently noticed in the global online gaming arena. Moreover, it gradually becomes a top-priority online gaming market in the APAC region, according to the Head of Creator Ecosystem and Gaming Partnership, APAC, YouTube – Ines Cha. 

In particular, Ines Cha was utterly impressed with how Indian game creators are dedicated to doing their thing and now wishes to help them create new useful content in other niches as much as he can. 

By the way, the Indian online PUBG community channel is among the three largest Google-hosted video sharing websites in the world. 

In 2018, there were registered 200 million players that launch YouTube daily just to see the game stream. In 1 year, over 50 billion hours of video were viewed on the channel. 

The popularity of gaming content becomes so enormous, that Indian localizers are fast to translate games to Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, and Malayalam. 

Computer Games Aren’t Really Only Games Anymore!

Livestreaming is an increasingly growing niche for game creators and all interested people as a whole. In a few recent years, it has become a major hype among global player audiences. 

The popularity of certain genres and games is also dependent on the region, however. For instance, the most popular game in Chennai is “Garena Free Fire, while PUBG tops the charts in Mumbai. 

Up to date, according to the YouTube data, the notion of a “game” as a whole has changed and became more significant its meaning. With the appearance of the term “cybersport”, games have turned into a way to earn one’s living and achieve fame.

The pace of the gaming industry growth is most impressive. Major Indian gaming channels get millions of subscribers, with Dynamo Gaming having over 5,6 million subs, Mortal – 3,39 million, and CarryisLive – 2,97 million. 

Mr. Cha emphasizes that it is time for a real breakthrough in the Indian gaming ecosystem! That’s why YouTube launched the “NextUp for Gamers” initiative. It ultimately allows game creators to become mentors for gaming software experts during the development of new solutions. 

With all that being said, many people still take games skeptically. Especially, the senior generation. But such a rapidly growing and prospering market simply cannot leave people globally indifferent. 

In 2018, the global gaming market grew by 13,3%. The leader in terms of related income is the Asia-Pacific region, with the biggest market possessed by China – it is expected to bring $50,7 billion in total profits in 2021. 

And the most rapidly growing and developing markets are the Indian gaming environment and markets of the South-Eastern Asia countries.  

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