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10 Weirdest Sports You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Baseball, football, basketball, etc. – so mainstream. 

Time to broaden your prospects.

I’ll kick it off with what I feel should gain more popularity and makes the most sense of all.

  1. Musical Canine Freestyle

This sport, in which pets and their humans participate together, is about demonstrating obedience by performing tricks and dance routines. It’s ridiculously adorable. Check it out: 

So if you ever find yourself unworthy of love, you can always adopt some poor animal and force it into being your companion, your dance partner, your lover (I’m kidding… please, don’t do that). 

Why stop there? Adopt them all and make a ballet!

  1. Wife carrying
weird sports

credits: Reuters

In Finland, there’s a sport, in which men have to race to carry their wives across a field of obstacles. The winner gets the wife’s weight in beer, five times her weight in money and the opportunity to participate in the World Championship in Finland.

So you better pray your wife is fat as a pig and you’re strong and fast as fuck.

  1. Chess Boxing
weird sports

This sport consists of 11 rounds of rotating boxing and playing chess.

Ah! Finally a sport, where if you lose, you don’t have to be the bigger person and shake the opponent’s hand. Actually, you DO have to be the bigger person and just beat the shit out of that motherfucker for winning the game.

  1. Cheese rolling

Okay, so this one just sounds like eating cheese with extra steps.

The rules are simple: a large cheese wheel is rolled down a steep hill and players race after it. Whoever reaches the bottom of the hill first – wins the cheese.

Not sure there are actually any winners in this game… just a bunch of losers.

  1. Extreme Ironing 

Basically, contestants choose extreme circumstances and activities, in which they iron their clothes, such as: hanging off a cliff, on top of vehicles, while skiing or snowboarding and etc. And that’s how something, as simple as ironing, was turned into an extreme sport. 

The irony!

  1. Egg Throwing
weird sports

Pretty self-explanatory. Guys should excel at this sport since they’re pretty much experts on throwing their yolk.

So if you suck at every sport – try egg throwing!

Can’t get sadder than this!

  1. Underwater Hockey

Okay, whoever came up with this sport, I’ll have what they’re having!

The sport, also called Octopush, is about two teams, trying to push a puck across the floor of a pool into the other team’s goal, using a stick.

I bet some shrooms grew in those pools as well.

  1. Shin Kicking
weird sports

credits: the sun

Have you ever felt too weak and too scared to actually join a combat sport?

Not to worry! That’s a one-banana problem!

We give you “Shin Kicking”! It’s a “battle” sport, in which two contestants try to kick each other in the shin until one fucker falls on the ground. Other unofficial names: Wimps Kicking.

It’s real – there’s a championship and everything!

  1. Toe Wrestling
weird sports

No, don’t get any weird ideas, you nasty foot fetishists. It goes more like this:

One, two, three, four
I declare a TOE war!

Yep, somewhere between arm wrestling and thumb war is toe wrestling. Contestants are barefoot, interlock their toes and try to pin the opponent’s foot down.

Sources state that this sport dates back to 1976 when the Brits were looking to gain a world sports title. So they made up a sport no one else in the world plays, just so they could win. 

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

  1. Sepak Takraw
weird sports

credits: EPA photo

This sport originated in Asia. You take soccer and volleyball, you mix them together and you get sepak takraw – soccer players, playing over a net. An interesting fact is: the ball they use in this game is made of dried palm leaves.

Okay, twifters, these were our suggestions on the weirdest sports topic. If you have any other proposals or comments, share them with us – the ball is in your court!

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