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IBM Presents the Newest 2-nanometer Chip

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IBM claims it has made a great achievement in computer processors by producing a 2-nanometer chip. This chip can enhance efficiency by 45% in comparison with existing 7-nanometer chips. The new IBM product also saves energy, using 75% less energy. Previously a 5-nanometer chip was presented in 2017 by IBM.

The innovative technology is believed to make the phone battery life longer in four times. With the 2-nanometer chips, mobile phones will need to be charged only once in four days.

As for laptops, the speed of their functions will increase, including Internet access, processing in apps, and language translation.

Self-driving cars with the help of the newest chip will have quicker object detection and reaction time.

The 2-nanometer chip creation has a great significance for semiconductor and IT technology on the whole.

Semiconductors play a vital role in producing various electronic devices, for instance, transistors, diodes, and integrated circuits. They are employed in transportation systems, communication devices, and computing.

IBM has been a leader in semiconductor innovation for years. The IBM scientists work at the research lab based at the Albany Nanotech Complex in Albany, New York, which is considered the principal ecosystem for semiconductor research in the world.

Among IBM’s semiconductor achievements there are chemically amplified photoresists, Silicon on Insulator technology, single-cell DRAM, High-k gate dielectrics, 3D chip stacking, etc.

The IBM claims a 2-nanometer chip will fit up to 50 billion transistors on one chip, and its size is the same as of a fingernail. 

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