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Jeff Bezos in Space

On July 20, 2021, the founder of Amazon and the richest person on the planet Jeff Bezos plans to make a suborbital space flight in the capsule of the New Shepard reusable rocket system, designed and built by his company Blue Origin. Along with Bezos on board, there will be his brother Mark, as well as the winner of the auction, who bought a ticket for $ 28 million. His name is unknown, as is the name of another crew member. How do you think, will their flight be successful? Are you ready to place a bet on it here?

Flying into space is Bezos’s childhood dream. But putting tourists into low-earth orbit is too expensive and difficult.

Announcing Blue Origin’s upcoming flight on his Instagram, Bezos wrote that he has dreamed of flying into space since he was five. This dream accompanies him all his life: back in 2000, the billionaire founded the private space company Blue Origin, allocating a place for it on his own ranch in Texas.

Bezos in Space

Its first target was suborbital space tourism. The fashion business of the early 21st century, however, proved to be technically challenging for many people. Bezos’s rivals have opted for rocket planes (Scaled Composites, XCOR Aerospace), which require experienced pilots to control flight and landing. In turn, Blue Origin chose an automatic system consisting of a reusable suborbital rocket and a reusable habitable capsule with a parachute landing. The transport system was named New Shepard in honor of the American astronaut Alan Shepard – he made the first suborbital manned space flight in the capsule spacecraft “Mercury-Redstone-3” on May 5, 1961.

Low-Earth orbit flights require a powerful and expensive launch vehicle, so tickets for orbital flights cost tens of millions of dollars. And in order to withstand several days in zero gravity and overload during boarding, the passenger must meet certain medical requirements. This greatly limits the circle of people who are ready to fly into space at their own expense.

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That is why Blue Origin, like many other private space companies, decided to take the niche of suborbital tourist flights. In this case, the ship overcomes the international boundary of space with a height of 100 km (the Karman line), the crew is in zero gravity for several minutes and enjoys the impressive views of the Earth, and then returns to the surface relatively gently.

Can you imagine yourself in the shoes of these lucky ones? Before and during the flight, a lot can go wrong, we often encounter delays of such events, so one platform even began to accept bets on this. Will it be completed on time and will the flight be successful? If you are interested in bets on any well-known events, including those from the Space category, then you need to go to

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