TWIFT | Digital | PlayStation 5 to be released in late 2020!

PlayStation 5 to be released in late 2020!

Sony told what the new controller will be like for the first time!

The company has announced the release date for the next-generation console, the PlayStation 5. The start of sales is scheduled for the 2020 Christmas season.

Sony has not yet shown what the PlayStation 5 and the new controller will look like, but Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan told Wired some details about the new console.

PlayStation 5 sales date

All the data in the new PlayStation will be stored on the SSD, not a classic HDD. This will not only allow you to record and read data faster (which means it is faster to install and run games) but also reduce the volume occupied by games. Ryan noted that, for example, in the Marvelʼs Spider-Man game some pieces of data were duplicated on the disk up to 400 times. But now you can get rid of it.

PlayStation 5 will also allow you to easily configure the games’ installation process. For example, you can download and install only the multiplayer version, without taking up the place of a single-player campaign.

The optical disk drive will still remain in the new console, and the games themselves will be sold on 100-gigabyte disks. PlayStation will also play 4K Blu-ray discs.

Sony pays special attention to the new controller, which will be sold along with the PlayStation 5. It does not yet have a name, but Wired suggests that it will be called Dualshock 5. Its design will probably look more like Dualshock 4, but the developers promise a new vibration system – for example, crashing a car in the wall and playing football will be very different in sensations.

The controller will also have “adaptive triggers” of R2 and L2 (large buttons that are located under the player’s index fingers). Developers will be able to adjust the resistance of the triggers when pressed so that you can feel, for example, pulling a bowstring.

There is also a small hole in the prototype of the controller, which was shown to Wired journalist Peter Rubin. Rubin believes that it could be a microphone for a voice assistant, which the company recently patented. Dualshock 5 will be charged by USB-C port. And it has a slightly larger battery comparing to the PlayStation 4 controller, and it weighs a little more.

The PlayStation 5 main menu interface will also change, said Mark Cerny, a Sony System Architect. The company wants players to know what’s going on in the game even without launching it. Thus, multiplayer games will display the information on the menu about matches in which you can take part right now. And as for a single-player – it will show the mission that the player can complete and the rewards that he can get for it.

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