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Public Debauchery in Dubai

A scandalous photo session on the balcony of a popular hotel in Dubai can imprison the models who participated in the filming.

In the Dubai Marina district, local cops detained more than ten naked Slavic girls, who were remarkably visible from the street on one of the balconies of a skyscraper. They did not hesitate to pose for a photo without worrying about strict Muslim moral principles. Now naked models face a complete ass ‒ a huge fine or even a real term.

in Dubai

The incident is discussed on Twitter on the official Dubai Police website. It is reported that on April 3, about 12 girls of Slavic appearance were arrested. The reason for the detention was the immoral behavior of the United Arab Emirates. In a Muslim country where there is a taboo on public drinking, revealing clothing, and even such innocent expressions as kissing and hugging in public places, these crazy girls staged a real striptease for everyone to see. Society reacted immediately to this incident. Those who did not attend the show in person could very soon contemplate the spicy footage on the Internet. There, of course, all the charms were carefully covered with Photoshop.

in Dubai

Who and why arranged this shooting, there is no specific answer. But the main version so far says that it was a photoshoot for advertising on some Israeli website. Will such advertising pay off now, when the entire team of violators faces six months in prison and more than a thousand dollars in fines?

Naturally, such news instantly spread across the Internet and caused ambiguous emotions. Someone was surprised at the fearlessness of the models, but most of the netizens reacted to such a trick condemningly. After it became known that eight girls have Russian citizenship, there was more negativity in the comments. Arab Twitter users increasingly associate Slavic tourists with escort girls.

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According to other sources, both the trip to the country of sheiks and the scandalous photo session itself were organized by Vitaly Gretchen, a businessman from Ukraine. It is known that Vitaly was born in Kyiv, but at the age of 10, he moved to the United States with his family, where he managed to get a higher education and pay a military debt to his second homeland. After some time, Gretchen returned to Kyiv and got a job at the US Embassy. His friends claim that he always enjoyed the attention of girls, and followed the rule “the more, the better.” The company of shameless women who posed for him naked, despite the strict laws of Islam, called his personal harem. Vitaly jokes that he is married to everyone at once.

Hopefully, this will be a good lesson for the risky team, and no one else will repeat their exploits.

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