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Samsung’s new virtual assistant

Samsung might be working on a new virtual assistant. It may be added to the existing virtual assistant Bixby or used in place of it. Lightfarm Studios shared the images of the possible new Samsung assistant but then deleted them.

Nowadays most smartphones have got various virtual assistants. Some of them are really popular due to their user-friendliness and efficiency. Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Sari have no image, they are just voices addressing users.

It appears that Samsung attempts to personalize its assistant as much as possible. The new Samsung assistant, named Sam, is an incredibly good-looking creature and is definitely set to be liked by users. It is a 3D young lady with big blue eyes and dark hair. She looks similar to Pixar animated characters. Such appearance is going to be relished by a younger audience as well. Sam has got Samsung logo on her outfit. It makes her look like a Samsung employee.

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In their post Lightfarm Studios explained that Sam already existed in a 2D version, the image underwent various transformations to become a 3D version, having more expressions, poses, and textures. Sam was made with the usage of editing software applied to photos and paintings.

However, the images were removed from the Lightfarm Studios page, and Samsung has not presented the new assistant so far. Therefore, there doubts about its fate. It may be still under development or Samsung might have other plans about it. There’s still a question whether Sam is the final image of a virtual assistant or it is one of many versions being contemplated. It could have been created only for marketing or as an assistant for smartphones. Samsung has not commented on this issue and proved any of these speculations.

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Nevertheless, Sam is liked by social media users, who talk about it, actively discuss and approve of its design.

Bixby has been a virtual assistant of Samsung for the last several years. And the company doesn’t seem to give it up completely as recently there has been a restructuring aimed at improving its interface to make it more convenient for users and decreasing the space it occupies on the screen. Moreover, there have been updates concerning Indian localization.

Sam is going to be a rival to Google Assistant, which is the leader among smart assistants on Android phones. Consequently, Samsung’s Sam needs to have competitive features to attract users.

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