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Top 8 Electric Cars of 2020

Electric cars become more popular every year, so soon Greta Thunberg will be able to sleep well knowing about the percentage of zero-emission vehicles in the world. If you are not in the eco-friendliness trend so far, have a look at these eight best electric-only cars!

And no, there won’t be any Tesla model (from their S3XY assortment) on the list. Feel surprised? We too! Anyway, we are going to show you the best affordable electric cars!

These cars are people’s real choice, as the rating is based on what was bought in salons in the second half a year.

Let’s start from the end…

#8. Mercedes-Benz B-Class

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The market saw this small and swift hatchback 6 years ago, in 2014. Since then, its concept hasn’t changed and the vehicle has a full-electric motor of 132 kW and a battery of 28 kWh. 174 horsepower and 340 Nm of torque make a driver feel like in a sports car thanks to the fast acceleration.

Still, a driver and their four passengers can drive around 140 km on one charge, which makes the car an ideal choice for city trips.

The standard version of this best small electric car includes driver attention and collision prevention systems. The B-Class has front-wheel drive and 16-inch wheels.

#7. Mitsubishi i_MiEV

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This is one more cute exhibit in our list of electric-only cars, which perfectly fits city traffic. The car has a rear-wheel-drive that makes the process of driving fun. However, it has less power than the previous German one. A 49 kW engine with 16 kWh battery together generates only 66 horsepower and 196.5 Nm of torque. One charge will guarantee 94-95 kilometers of city trips. 

Also, the vehicle is equipped with 15-inch wheels and regenerative brakes. Inside, you’ll find heated front and 50/50 split fold-down rear seats. Fans of high-quality music will be surprised by the powerful sound generated by a 6-speaker audio system.

#6. Mercedes-Benz B250e

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This 5-seats hatchback comes from 2014-2015 B-Class Electric Drive and is an all-electric powertrain from 2016-2017 years. So, you can treat it like a younger model. Its specs haven’t changed a lot. It has the same 132 kW motor and 28 kWh battery, still, there is 3 more horsepower (177 instead of the previous 174). B250e accelerates from zero to 100 in 7.9 seconds. The range is 140 km, as it was before.

The outlook has changed a bit thanks to the larger 17” wheels. As for interiors, Mercedes enhanced it as well. They added power-adjustable front seats with memory, 2-zone climate control, and leather steering wheels with control buttons. Also, this car received Bluetooth connectivity so that you can use hands-free options together with listening to music from a phone.

#5. Ford Focus Electric

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We all know reliable and cute Ford Focus, and now its electric version gets a spot on the list of best affordable electric cars. Want to enjoy comfort? Focus Electric has the keyless entry feature, automatic dual-zone climate control, and heated front seats, as well as a rearview camera and reverse-sensing system. Everything you need for the top convenience!

As for its specs, you’ll be pleasantly surprised too! On 2017-2018 models, a 107 kW engine powered by 33.5 kWh battery provides 143 hp with 250 Nm of torque. Its range is impressive too, compared to the previous cars on the list of electric-only cars ‒ you can drive 185 kilometers on one charge. It’s great for city trips and even short intercity ones.

What else this vehicle can offer to its owner? Easy electric steering, SYNC® 3 information-entertainment system with 8” touchscreen, and MyKey® control system.

#4. Chevrolet Spark EV

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This cutie from 2016 is one of the best small electric cars ever, though its size is really small. If others were 5-passenger cars, Spark EV can allocate only four passengers. Anyway, it’s not a problem ‒ the little one has fans around the world thanks to its maneuverability.

Spark EV is equipped with a 105 kW engine powered by an 18.4 kWh battery that guarantees an impressive 140 hp and 443 Nm of torque. Being fully charged, this babe can drive 131 km around the city. Standard versions also include air conditioning, power locks and windows, heated front seats, Bluetooth connectivity, and 15” wheels.

#3. BMW i3

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This little bug is often considered strange, as the design is too unusual even for an electric car. Though, it is nearly the best small electric car in the world! This subcompact electric hatchback can give a ride to four passengers for around 246 kilometers. So, the 2019 model is the range leader among electric cars so far.

It has a 42 kWh battery that can recharge with a 0.6L generator, adding 75 extra kilometers to the overall range.

New BMW i3 models come with stylish 19” wheels, LED lights, multi-function wheel, heated seats, and a rearview camera.

#2. Chevrolet Bolt EV

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This is almost the most attractive showpiece on our list of electric-only cars. Everything is great in it: driving range, features, and space in the cabin. 

Chevrolet Bolt EV got a 200 hp motor and a powerful 60 kWh battery that guarantees a range of 383 kilometers. So, if you want to visit another city, this car will take you there with no problem.

As for interesting perks, Bolt EV has integrated Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay®, a built-in infotainment system with a 10.2” touchscreen, a rearview camera and monitor, two USB outlets, an automatic single-zone climate control. Except for its originally cute look, Chevrolet equipped this model with stylish and reliable 17” aluminum wheels.

#1. Nissan Leaf

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The winner in our electric-only cars rating is a good old Leaf. It’s fair that people around the world prefer this reliable car. Moreover, we can rightly name it the best affordable electric car. The appearance of the second generation has improved significantly, adding new people to the number of fans.

  • What is great about the standard Leaf’s specs? It uses a 100 kW motor powered by a 40 kWh battery that generates 147 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque. This babe will drive 241 kilometers on a full charge.
  • If that’s too few for you, take a look at Nissan Leaf Plus (2019). It is equipped with a 160 kW engine and 62 kWh battery, which increases the range to 364 kilometers! Also, the Plus version has 214 hp and 229 Nm of torque.
  • For the everyday trips to work and back home a 2017 EVs version might be enough. It has an 80 kW motor and 30 kWh battery, which results in the range of 172 km.

The Nissan Leaf SL version comes with an Around view® Monitor, powerful Bose® audio system, 7” touchscreen that can be connected to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, and a built-in navigation system, as well as rear cross-traffic alert and blind-spot monitoring.

So, these were the eight most popular electric-only cars. What do you think, which one is the best small electric car? And which one would you like to own? 

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