TWIFT | Digital | Shein will work in India Again: Mobile App Returns To Indians Immediately Following PUBG Mobile

Shein will work in India Again: Mobile App Returns To Indians Immediately Following PUBG Mobile

Shein, the Chinese app for buying accessories and clothes, plans to return to Indian users, but not in its former form. Before that, PUBG Mobile returned to India in the Battlegrounds Mobile India format. Shein is expected to be next in line, but its return will not be the same as it was with PUBG.

It’s worth noting that apps are returning to India after the country’s government banned a list of 60 apps from China last year, including TikTok, PUBG Mobile, WeChat, Mi Community, and Camscanner.

All of these apps were banned by the government a year ago. Then Shein was turned off on the popular Amazon platform.

Now they plan to return Shein not as a full-fledged online store, but only as an addition to Amazon.  Everyone wants to start it in a moment when the Prime Day Sale occurs. Recall that it is held on Amazon on July 26 and 27. The start of the sale itself is scheduled for midnight on the 26th.

According to various sources, they want to make the Chinese Shein app one of the elements of a sale night. For this, the international Amazon store has created a separate page on its website. This is how Indians will be able to get back to their favorite application and order all the necessary accessories and clothes.


In addition, there are speculations that this may be the only opportunity to see goods from Shein for Indians during Prime Day. Also, goods can be bought as before on the e-commerce platform.

For fans of the Shein China goods app in India, this is really good news. After all, if everything is restored thanks to the partnership with the online store Amazon, it will provide an opportunity to deliver as soon as possible all the goods that Indians will order. Compared to how the Chinese app worked before the Indian authorities banned it, the delivery times will be more pleasant for buyers. Now Indians will be able to get the chosen thing much faster.

Shein promises to deliver its products in a couple of weeks when the app goes live in India. The maximum delivery time is only one month. This is not much, experts explain, compared to previous deliveries.

It is worth mentioning that at the moment there is no exact information on whether Shein will be available as part of the brands on Prime Day. That is why the only way is to wait until the end of July and see how this will happen.

In addition, according to most of the reviews left by Indians who have used the portal, Shein is one of the best applications. You could buy different goods there ‒ clothes, shoes, accessories at nice prices. In addition, the portal constantly posted a large number of beneficial offers. The prices of Shein products have almost always been significantly lower than the same products from other brands with similar quality materials.

As soon as the Chinese portal Shein was blocked by the authorities, it was removed from working mobile markets such as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, which operate in India.

However, there is no exact information about whether the application will return in its previous form yet. There are also no comments on the return in the official Shein. Experts say that judging by how many times Krafton has returned to India, that it will be able to present Battlegrounds Mobile India, which has become an alternative to the PUBG Mobile app. Based on this experience, according to the estimates of professionals in this field, it is reported that Shein won’t fully return to India for a long time.

However, cooperation with Amazon is already a good sign. Now the delivery of goods from the Chinese application will be faster than before. And this factor is one of the most important for online stores.

Furthermore, the application ban, led by Shein, was introduced by the Indian government back in June last year. At the same time, TikTok, WeChat, and the rest of the 59 applications, which the Ministry of Information Technologies called unreliably, were disabled for Indians. The Indian parliamentarians took this step after receiving dozens of reports that some of these mobile portals were being misused.

The point is that on the well-known Android and iOS platforms, on which the applications were available, were not used entirely for their intended purpose, but, for example, to secretly transfer personal data of Indian users to servers that were outside the area of the country coverage, and also some of the information was simply stolen for certain commercial purposes.

Upon learning of such actions, the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, together with the Computer Incident Response Team (CERT-IN), conducted their investigation and confirmed that such actions in these applications were fraudulent and entailed a serious threat to national security.  In addition, the Indian authorities fear that most of the confidential information about their citizens may simply be leaked.


That is why the Indian authorities almost unanimously decided to ban the use of these applications in the country. So the Indians lost a lot of opportunities in a short time. Indeed, among the applications were an independent exchange service, the TikTok social network, and a file manager, a document scanner, a RAM cleaner. In addition, Alibaba’s UC browser, and the QQ Tencent app ecosystem, and with them the Baidu app.

We would like to emphasize that Xiaomi, a well-known brand of smartphones and electronic equipment, is also on the forbidden list. It was a company that became the only one in India among its competitors that were also blocked.

All the indignant users still have a question, how did Xiaomi prevent the country? Is it possible that such a powerful and popular brand also poses a threat to the country’s security?

However, Xiaomi did not get confused and soon published a response post on their Twitter account.  The company said that they do not plan to violate local laws, therefore they will not offer applications from the blocked list to Indians.

Besides, the company stressed that “Miui Cleaner application does not use the Clean Master application prohibited by the Indian authorities”, and also assured everyone who worried that “100 percent of the Indian users remain in India.” 

Xiaomi has released information that the Chinese tech giant is developing a “new version of MIUI. It will be created without prior installation of any of the blocked applications.”

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This version of MIUI will be released in the next few weeks ‒ hastened to delight users of the company.

The Chinese brand has also confirmed that it continues to comply with a strict data privacy policy that follows security requirements accordingly to Indian laws.

Also, the company did not forget to remind everyone that they became the pioneers of data localization for all applications and users of Xiaomi India.

In addition, it’s been three years since the Chinese brand has been carefully storing the data of Indian users on servers. And they are located exclusively within the country and do not spread outside.

It became known that following India, applications like TikTok and others were banned by the United States, and Japan may also ban them.

The media reported that the Japanese authorities have already created a similar bill. The document completely prohibits the Japanese from using the TikTok network, as well as some other applications from China. Japan supports the opinion of a few countries for now, that China can probably collect user data, which is the personal information of every citizen. They also described China’s actions as threatening national security and likely to generate international outcry in the future.

In Japan, they said that such large amounts of personal data that China received through applications were illegal.

At the moment, the draft law is being revised and continues to be finalized. Its final version should be provided very soon, in September.

However, the official TikTok has already managed to answer all the fears of foreign authorities. Stating that the internet is teeming with misinformation about the platform. But in reality, the social network does not do as much harm as it claims.

It’s worth noting that its American CEO is an information security specialist. He has many years of experience in the military and law enforcement spheres of America. 

He also emphasized that TikTok has a team that aims to create the best security system in its field.

“Everything is very strictly controlled in our country, which is only worth the fact that 4 out of 5 seats on the board of directors of the TikTok platform are under the constant care of the world’s most respected investors,” said the CEO of the company.

In addition, he said that user data is also not disclosed to anyone, on the contrary, they are stored in the United States and Singapore under the strictest control for company employees.

The ban on TikTok and WeChat happened in America back in September last year. Then these applications were removed from the App Store, Google Play, and other application stores in the United States.

Furthermore, the developers said that it will be possible to prevent the complete blocking of programs in the country only if TikTok sells the local division to an American player.

Distribution or support of any of these applications in America’s stores is also strictly prohibited. Violation of these rules can result in punishment for users or companies.

This was announced in an official statement on the website of the United States Department of Commerce.

Moreover, from September 20, 2020, a ban on transferring money to the United States using WeChat began in America, and the ability to process payments is also unavailable.

In the United States, such a shutdown was argued in detail, explaining that applications collect vast amounts of user data: about their location, network activity, as well as browsing and search history. This is exactly what is unacceptable and can have consequences as leakage of important information from the country.

Moreover, it was proved that the application itself cooperates with the Chinese special services and of course this is already an indicator that data on American users is collected for a reason.

The Department of Commerce of the United States of America said that they will fight to preserve the security of the country and its citizens.

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“Today’s action proves once again that President Trump will do everything in his power to ensure our national security and protect Americans from threats from the Chinese Communist Party,” said US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Note that users in both America and India are waiting for the return of programs that they use quite often. However, this can only happen in a scenario when it is safe for the country, which the authorities insist on.

If SHEIN returns to the Indian market, it will mean that most users will again be free to order goods from China at affordable prices.

As a reminder, the SHEIN app banned in India is a well-known international B2C e-commerce platform.

Its main product is women’s clothing. However, the pages contain a sufficient assortment of men’s and children’s clothing, as well as shoes, accessories, and household goods.

SHEIN coverage is wide, from Europe, America, Australia to the Middle East.

The brand was founded 13 years ago. Since then, it has become popular all over the world and has managed to cover about 220 countries and regions.

SHEIN’s philosophy is that everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion, which means it is accessible to everyone.

Indeed, in the online catalogs of the store, you can find a truly high-quality product at an affordable price. SHEIN designers do their best to keep users happy and continue to follow the trends of the season.

Reviews of the Indians about the store are positive too.

So now, bringing it back, even as an addition to Amazon, could make a splash among the company’s fans.

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