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Rising Football Stars 2020

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, David Beckham… These names are visible, audible, and recognizable even by those who are far from football. But we remember that each generation will sooner or later go down in history, and it will be replaced by fucking fresh and hot blood of young footballers! At this intriguing point, who will become the new Messi, Beckham or Zidane? Who is already promising and has every chance of overtaking the sharks of the football world in the future?

Today we’ll tell you about the future football stars, who have already shown their great talent, huge potential, excellent skills and are ready to replace the highest-paid footballers.

Of course, all these up and coming soccer players still have their own individual paths of success, growth, and practice. But still, even at this stage, we can place them in a row with the most outstanding football players.

Who knows, maybe in a couple of years, young footballers will be able to surpass the older generation in some way.

If you believe that only representatives of certain countries are strong in football, today we will convince you otherwise. Best young soccer players whom we want to tell you about were born in different countries from South America and Africa to Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Australia. And what nationality they are, what flag rises over their country, and what language they speak, doesn’t fucking matter. The main indicator is talent and the ability to show your football skills and perseverance. Many of these future football stars managed to set records that no one had ever achieved before!

Okay, now we are getting closer to the list of up and coming soccer players! These are the very young football stars that the whole world will soon be able to admire them.

1. Adel Belkacem Bouzida (Winger)

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Adel Belkacem Bouzida is an eighteen-year-old guy from Algeria, capable enough to make agents and scouts notice his success. And despite the fact that he hasn’t yet participated in the “Parade” league, Bouzida has already shown an excellent pace, the ability to masterfully dribble. All this can turn him into the best young soccer player in the future, which is why he is at the top of our list.

His participation in the Parade remains only a matter of time. There are enough chances to see him among young footballers of the European leagues.

2. Zito Luvumbo (Winger) 

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Zito Luvumbo is the next young conqueror of the stellar Olympus. He has shown himself as best as possible in his homeland in Africa. He was one of the best players in the Primeiro de Agosto club. Also, until the age of 17, he was an excellent football player for a long time in the national team. Luvumbo was an especially successful footballer in playing in the Angola Cup. There he made a key step for his team, scoring a penalty kick and an important goal. But the midfielder stood out not only within his team and the continent but also outside he was called one of the up and coming soccer players.

Also, both agents from West Ham United and representatives of Manchester United approached the winger with job offers. However, obtaining a work permit became an obstacle for the young guy. Many clubs need his services, but the age of the future football star doesn’t allow him to work officially. Zito Luvumbo became known as one of the best young soccer players of 2020 being under 18 years old.

3. Kenneth Taylor (Central Midfielder)

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Kenneth Taylor is the young football star of the Netherlands, one of the country’s best young soccer players. The guy represents the Ajax team. He is considered to be truly one of the most gifted under-17 footballers. And despite the fact that he has not yet had a debut in his team, he has already demonstrated the brightest hopes. Taylor is great at defensive roles, although he copes well with assists.

Kenneth looks up to the great Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen of Tottenham and Belgian pro Kevin de Bruyne of Manchester City.

4. Xavi Simons (Central midfielder)

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Xavi Simons is a Dutch guy from Amsterdam, who, despite his youth, has already distinguished himself with bold, decisive, and independent actions. After nine years of training at the La Masia Academy in Barcelona, Xavi Simons dared to leave it and go to PSG. The step is bold enough for a 17-year-old footballer who is just beginning his career path. Of course, getting a £ 1 million a year contract by Mino Raiola is a clear testament to his dexterity and professionalism.

Xavi has always stood out among other players with his unusual hair, in his circles he is often called “golden curls”. Parents gave Simons a name in honor of one of the legends of Barcelona. The guy has repeatedly won the Ballon d’Or prize for young football players. In the Dutch football world, Simons is one of the most promising and cool players. This was officially announced by one of the PSG representatives who arrived in Paris.

Despite his so young age, Xavi Simons has already managed to gain popularity among fans. He already has over 2 million followers on social networks. And according to data for July 2019, Xavi Simons’ Instagram was named one of the most popular profiles with almost 2 million subscribers.

His Facebook and Twitter pages don’t lag behind in ratings. The star has 37 thousand followers and 120 thousand likes. This is also one of the criteria for his peak fame and popularity among other fellow footballers of his age.

5. Eric Garcia

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Eric Garcia is a young Spanish defender who usually plays in the center from behind. The guy studied at the Barcelona academy and suddenly decided to leave the school in search of something bigger. And we can say that Garcia has succeeded! He first made his debut in the 2019 EFL Cup and played in the Premier League against Watford.

Eric is a talented football player. He knows how to masterfully play the role of a defender. Despite his young age, he is as great as adult players in his maturity, determination, and always thoughtful attitude. There is every chance that he can soon join the Manchester City team.

And perhaps this would be the best decision for the national team since several defenders in the team were injured and couldn’t perform their functions. And the young blood of a Spanish guy could surely hedge the team. It’s hard to say, maybe very little time will pass and we will see Eric in the Man City t-shirt.

6. Ansu Fati (Winger)

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Ansu Fati is one of the legendary commanders. For his age, the guy has enough leadership and organizational skills. He can be really called the future heir to Messi especially as his follower in Camp Nou. He has always shown his determination and fearlessness at all stages of the game. Also, Ansu Fati went through all the stages of his formation, from the very first rank to the highest. To be honest, the guy should be grateful to Messi for the injury he received at the very beginning of his football career. This is what allowed him to become a player who can be considered the first in the team.

Since his debut in football, Winger has become Barça’s youngest player. He is also the youngest to score at the Camp Nou. Also, Ansu Fati is really the youngest in the Champions League.

Winger’s influence on the world of football is very similar to Messi’s contribution to this field 15 years ago. With all his merits, Ansu Fati has every chance in the future to take the place of Messi.

7. Willem Geubbels (Winger)

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Willem Geubbels is another genius player among young footballers under 18. At such a young age, he has already scored 12 goals in 21 games for French youth teams. At 16, Willem became the first young footballer to play in Ligue 1.

Despite his short work experience, Geubbels has already managed to show his potential and abilities. Once Vadim Vasilyev, the CEO of Monaco, spoke about the young footballers who were named the best in 2020. Concerning the young winger, Vasilyev said that the player hoped to reach the highest level of professionalism.

8. Sergio Gomez (Attacking Midfielder)

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Sergio Gomez (attacking midfielder) is one of the most famous young footballers in the world. Two years ago, the guy was in all the headlines in the world news. Then he moved from Spain to Germany. This trip cost about 3 million euros. Everything about this guy is impressive, from his quick thinking to his incredibly dexterous leg movements. Gomez is called the “new Iniesta”.

At the World Championships in India, Gomez was recognized as one of the best young soccer players. The guy took part in the category of participants under 17. He managed to score four goals in seven games. This young man is distinguished by a rather unique ability to find a way out and quickly respond to any difficult situations. Natural agility and intelligence give the young football star a clear advantage over other players. Gomez does an excellent job of choosing a profitable pass, as well as scoring powerful shots with his left foot. He was truly recognized as one of the best young soccer players under the age of 18 this year.

9. Takefusa Kubo (Attacking Midfielder)

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Takefusa Kubo is one of the brightest Japanese players. At the same time, the guy got into the world of football at a very early age. At the age of 11, Barcelona scouts noticed a promising boy and invited him to the La Masia academy of Barça. After that, the young star literally shone in various school teams of clubs in Spain. However, after a while, the guy wasn’t lucky. Kubo’s move to the heart of Spain was called a violation of the FIFA transfer rules. That is why the young player had to return home.

Until the day that Takefusa was returned to his native Japan, he had already managed to prove himself as the most brilliant and talented soccer player among all the students of the academy. However, as soon as he turned 18, he came to Barcelona again. And this time, his actions literally shocked everyone. The guy signed a contract with the most important opponents of Barça ‒ Real Madrid. During the preseason tour, the young footballer was given the nickname “Japanese Messi”. And then in August, he joined the Mallorca team.

10. Romario Baro (Midfielder)

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Romario Baro is one of the most prominent followers of Zinedine Zidane, who skillfully manages to copy the style of the star. He is also a midfielder with one of the most powerful tactical hitting levels. His main trump card is the ability to strike at the most unexpected moment.

Baro is very much inspired by Zidane’s performance. More recently, the young star commented on his passion: “I constantly watch videos of him on YouTube. He’s an incredible player, so I try to copy everything he does. His pirouettes, shimmy…”

Also, Romario Baro already scored six goals in 10 UEFA Youth League games in 2018-2019. Thanks to this, the Porto team won and in the end, the guy chose the highest award for them ‒ the title. He also became the one to beat Chelsea in the final. Romario also scored 4 goals in 28 games of the season in the second division. Certainly, his success will make him one of the best young soccer players of the year.

11. Eduardo Camavinga (Midfielder)

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Along with Kylian Mbappé, Eduardo Camavinga is one of the youngest football stars to start his professional career. Eduardo is the first player from the Big League to enter the game at the age of 16. In April 2019, he was the youngest to play against Angers. 

What makes Camavinga such a great player is that he plays at a very high level in midfield. And there any mistake can be the last for a football player. After all, this is one of the most responsible roles in the field. If you take the whole history of football, Eduardo is practically unmatched. Only Cesc Fabregas from all five major Europe Leagues was able to show the same result as Camavinga in his position and at a similar age. That’s why he is definitely on the list of 2020 talents in the world of football.

12. Charlie Brown (Center Forward)

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Charlie Brown is an excellent footballer who became one of the top scorers in the UEFA Youth League last season. At the age of 19, the guy scored 11 goals. Along with his competitors, he was clearly the best footballer since they had almost half the number of goals scored in the arsenal, only six. If you count, Brown scores a goal against the top European teams about once every 47 minutes.

Charlie’s story is unique in its own way. When he was not even 10 years old, he already began to study at the Ipswich Town Academy. Soon he had a three-year contract with the eminent Chelsea.

In addition, Charlie Brown was appointed as a replacement for the main player when he spent his first season at the club. Then the guy managed to score 10 goals within 600 minutes of the game. You should know that 4 of them were scored in the battle with Brighton with a score of 13:0. Brown is the ultimate young football player contender 2020 to replace today’s legends.

13. Pablo Moreno (Forward)

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Pablo Moreno is one of the brilliant record-holders who, like some of his other colleagues, decided to change his place of study at such a young age. While educated at the La Masia academy of Barça, the guy decided that it would be nice to learn somewhere else. For this, Moreno chose Juventus.

Frankly, Pablo Moreno was already a football star until he started his studies at the Academy. He won the League title for Ciudad de Granada, participated in the Federation Cup, and the Andalusian championship. The young man has scored over 100 goals in a football game.

His records are really worth of respect and are outstanding in their rank. So, Pablo scored more than 70 goals in 27 matches in his debut game with Alevin A, where the players under 12 participated. After that, a year later, he showed an excellent result of 41 goals, and two years later he scored already 66. In his last season, Pablo Moreno won 34 goals.

His amazing performance and records helped Pablo enter the Spanish national team at the age of 14. These achievements make him a great striker in the list of the best this year.

14. Sebastiano Esposito (Forward)

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Sebastiano Esposito is a talented young footballer who brilliantly showed himself in the Inter Milan team. He played in various other teams, but his real talent manifested itself in Inter. So, the 2018-2019 season for Esposito was significant. Then he was part of the national team under 17, which won its Italian title. Sebastiano managed to score a figure in the semifinals, and in the final, he had the opportunity to raise a hat-trick in the final of the match.

In March 2019, Esposito became the youngest UEFA Cup player. He played in Frankfurt in the First Team against Eintracht in the Europa League. And although his talent was gradually revealed, the guy is considered one of the up and coming soccer players.

15. Sontje Hansen (Forward)

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Sontje Hansen is another young guy and at the same time a measure of the Ajax Academy rating. Hansen has won twice in the most important UEFA European Under-17 Championship matches.

Once Athletic said a very loud phrase: “This guy wants to be the best player in the world!” But now you can believe it more and more. He won the group stage 5:2 over England, and in the final over Italy with the results of 4 goals against 2.

This young football star also shone in the World Cup, having scored six goals. So, his dream of the world championship is no longer in doubt. Everything is possible in the world of football!

16. Dominik Szoboszlai (Left Midfielder)

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Dominik Szoboszlai is the next contender for the title of one of the world’s best young soccer players. He scored two goals in the UEFA European Under-17 Championship in Croatia. There he was appointed captain of the Hungarian national team. And they won the 6th place in the Cup.

Szoboszlai practices his playing style and copies it from the world legend Cristiano Ronaldo. In addition, Dominik is the midfielder of Salzburg. He is called one of the top teens in football. For this season, he has already played 16 times for his team, scoring 4 brilliant goals.

17. Paulinho (Winger)

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Paulinho is a “product” of the Vasco da Gama youth academy at the Rio de Janeiro club. Football star has blown up the world with his victories four times by now. At the U-17 World Cup in India, he was the main base player for the Brazilian national team.

To join Paulinho at Bayer Leverkusen, he was paid £ 20 million in 2018. Vasco sees this as a truly powerful deal! The young winger has been called “the next Kaka” because he can play both sides, despite the fact that his right foot is more powerful and accurate.

Also, the young footballer has a very important ability to quickly switch from one role to another, so he was able to become part of the dynamic attack of Leverkusen.

18. Sandro Tonali (Central Midfielder)

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Sandro Tonali is one of the most gifted Italian footballers. In his 20s, the guy is a successful midfielder of the Brescia club. His playing technique can be compared to Pirlo’s talent. However, in some moments the guy shows more sharpness, aggressiveness, power in the game. Like Pirlo, the young footballer is good at free kicks.

After a series of “B” games for “Brescia” Tonali was invited to the top Italian team. Of course, he will be able to become the foremost player of the top young footballers in 2020. If you cannot call a young player a full record holder yet, then he definitely deserves the title of the headliner. Massimo Cellino, the well-known owner of the Brescia club, after the match with Fiorentina, spoke about the interest of other clubs such as “Inter”, “Juventus” in the midfielder. However, the young football star refused to go to Paris. Cellino reports that Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis offered him about 40 million euros for Tonali. Nevertheless, for now, Sandro Tonali will continue to play 12 more games with Brescia. Pretty loyal guy!

19. Catalin Cirjan (Midfielder)

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Catalin Cirjan is one of the most promising midfielders at the age of 17. The future star’s playing style is very similar to Aaron Ramsey’s. The football star plays for Arsenal, which he joined from the Viitorul Domnesti club in Romania. In the new location, Catalin has already played his seven matches in the Premier League for participants under 18. During this time, the future star has already scored three goals and made three assists.

Cirjan came to the world of football quite early, when he was only 13 years old, he already played a level higher than the rest of the Viitorul Domnesti team. And now he has a rather bright future, which is why he is included in this list of the best young soccer players. And he is one of the most powerful Romanian football stars since the days of Gheorghe Hagi.

20. Alphonso Davies (Defender)

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Alphonso Davies is one of Vancouver Whitecaps’ highest hopes. Up to this point, Alphonso was often in the role of a winger. However, after moving to Bayern, the guy changed his status and began to play the role of a defender, where he also showed his great talent. He played 81 games with Whitecaps from 2016 to 2018, and managed to score 12 goals and made 14 assists.

And despite the fact that Alphonso is currently a defender in his club, he sometimes shows flexibility and comes forward, finding a net for his team. As part of his national team, he actually scored three goals in his 25 games for Bayern.

The guy scored his debut goal for Bayern on 17 March. It was indeed the last goal in the battle over Mainz 05 with a score of 6:0. The most amazing thing is that the football star did all this at the age of 18. Thus, he deserves to be called the youngest football player in the U20 since the days of Roque Santa Cruz.

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