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The 10 Most Anticipated Smartphones in 2020

It took measly 20 years from the introduction of a first-ever smartphone to the mass boom of touchscreen mobile devices with huge displays and next to professional-level cameras (not mentioning all the other advanced features). 

The first retail smartphone in the world was released by the American mobile operator BellSouth and cost almost $1,000. The BellSouth phone had organizer features, could work as a fax machine, sent and received emails, and could store a bunch of games. 

To emphasize the huge leap in the industry, currently, such brands as Samsung and Huawei are already actively introducing devices with flexible screens. Many new hardware projects are also based on artificial intelligence solutions and support a brand new type of mobile Internet connection – 5G. 

smartphones 2020

2020 restlessly draws near and. rest assured, it is to bring even more advanced and extraordinary technological solutions to the field. Processors, software and hardware capabilities, cameras – all that and more is about to become even more enhanced, more capable, and more multipurpose. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive smartphones 2020 should bring us which you should definitely anticipate.

The Most Prominent Projected Smartphones 2020

Apple iPhone X Fold

in 2019, Samsung introduced a prototype of a foldable smartphone during MWC (Mobile World Congress). Apple decided not to lag behind and patented similar technology as well. That being said, by 2020, we should have already seen a foldable Apple device, which cannot but excite every iOS user.  

smartphones 2020

The most exciting thing about this project is that the foldable design was developed by an Apple fan that doesn’t regularly work for the company. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

As we already mentioned, Samsung went for the foldable design in 2019 and we are about to see the updated version of that smartphone in 2020. 

smartphones 2020

The smartphone is to be based on the new Android OS from Google as well. Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will also have a 6,000 mAh battery and promises to be free from the previous design flaws that undermined the phone’s sturdiness. 

Xiaomi Mi Flex

Nobody wants to miss out on the promising foldable concept and Xiaomi, with their Xiaomi Mi Flex, is not an exception. Mi Flex will have two full-blown screens, three cameras, protected headphones input, and a “pop-up” selfie camera. 

smartphones 2020

The new device from Xiaomi is a sure way for every user to save on the brand while getting an opportunity to try out the foldable design. Mi Flex will be performing based on Android 9.0 Pie and will cost about $700. 

Moto Razr V4

Motorola flip phones caused a huge wave of buzz back in 2004 when Motorola RAZR V3 was introduced. They became the main mobile trend of the time, with 130 million devices sold over some four years. 

Awesome news – Motorola RAZR returns! In the form of a brand new $1,500 foldable device. 

smartphones 2020

Motorola will have an OLED screen optimized especially to fold back and forth without any issues. There are rumors about the deal with Verizon who will help distribute new devices throughout the US. 

Apple iPhone XII

Obviously, everybody is eagerly looking forward to getting a new iPhone. The new model will feature an OLED screen (as opposed to LCD that wasn’t well-received by the audience) and a built-in 5G modem. 

smartphones 2020

The main question is whether the company will be fast enough in their efforts to launch their new device next year and enter top smartphones in 2020. Their task is complicated by the involvement of AI technologies, for which Apple intends whole separate bionic chips that would accelerate all AI-based processes. 

The company also promises to implement a smart camera that would analyze the aesthetic preferences of users.  

Microsoft Andromeda Foldable Phone

This could come as a surprise, but Microsoft has been working on their own authentic foldable smartphone for years. The prototype is called Andromeda and should be anticipated to come out in 2020. 

smartphones 2020

The device won’t have any physical buttons whatsoever and will pose as an all-in-one solution that combines the capabilities of a smartphone and tablet. Microsoft is also working on the compatible OS for foldable devices. 

Nokia 10

Nokia 1020 and 808 PureView have already had their chance to conquer the hearts of all pro photographers at heart out there. In 2020, Nokia is planning to update its model range with Nokia 10 that features a 5G modem.

smartphones 2020

According to the Chinese social network Baidu, Nokia will have a whole five cameras that will be placed on the device in a circular shape. There will also be two frontal cameras, 20 Mpx each. 

And, of course, authentic ZEISS Optics is there to add a share of exclusivity to the device, making it one of the highest demanded smartphones 2020 is expected to offer. 

Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung continues to try out novel concepts and technological decisions in their devices, with an upcoming Samsung S11 being centered around the borderless screen concept. 

smartphones 2020

Upon seeing images of a new prototype online, the public started bombarding the company with questions about the placement of a frontal camera, headphone jack, and charger input. According to the rumors, however, this concept’s unique feature will be the emphasis on wireless solutions, which should give you some hints. 

Xiaomi Mi 10

This year, Xiaomi has already launched a Xiaomi Mi 9 as a part of its regularly-updated lineage of devices. 2020, respectively, will see a new Xiaomi Mi 10. 

smartphones 2020

This may as well be the first-ever Xiaomi device with four main cameras and two frontal cameras. The smartphone will work on Snapdragon 865 flagship SoC сh 8GB/10GB RAM and feature water protection allowing you to drown it under 2 meters of water for a whole hour. 

OnePlus 8

OnePlus has been updating its mobile devices line each year since 2014. Only recently, OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro were released to the public. The following year, OnePlus 8 will serve as a new addition.

smartphones 2020

The smartphone will have an enhanced camera, extended battery, and HDR screen with the impeccable quality of visuals. Perhaps, there might even be two versions of the device, like in the case of the previous 7 and 7 Pro devices. 

These are the major most anticipated smart mobile devices of 2020. If you are as interested in all upcoming tech solutions and concepts as we are, share your thoughts or ask any questions on the topic, which we will gladly highlight in the next article. 

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