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Bhad Bhabie and Her Million

Social platforms are evolving at an incredible rate. And many celebrities know how to use it properly. There is no denying that we all know about one of these platforms ‒ Onlyfans. Although many people know Onlyfans as a platform for adult content, there is also a lot of content related to creativity and sports to be found there. After all, there is an opportunity to receive money for your work using a paid subscription and other methods of monetization.

The OnlyFans platform was founded five years ago and has gained true popularity as a resource for XXX content.

Bhad Bhabie

Record holder Bhad Bhabie, back in 2017, became the youngest rap star who managed to get into the billboard hot 100 list, was able to set a record on Onlyfans. Having gained popularity back in 2016, for which Atlantic label decided to sign a contract with her, and even becoming an Internet meme for participating in the show, she does not cease to amaze us today.

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Bhad Bhabie was able to make over a million dollars in just 6 hours after signing up on the platform. In addition to video and photo content, Danielle (real name) also promised a private chat, where she spent three hours answering messages. She even posted a screenshot from the platform, which indicated the amount earned, slightly over one million. The screenshot was dated April 1st, so let’s hope this isn’t a prank!

Bhad Bhabie

Danielle was able to set a record, even though the platform is used by a huge number of stars. Among them are many hip-hop stars, like Bhabie herself. She also broke the record for the infamous Bella Thorne platform. Her record was one million, but in a whole day ‒ such a huge gap with Bhad Bhabie!

However, Bella Thorne then got into a scandal, because she assigned a rather high payment for her account, after which the platform reduced the payment limit for all its users, reducing the income for all content makers. Over time, onlyfans revised its policies and made it possible to increase the payment limit for those who had been registered for a long time and had no violations.

Bhad Bhabie

We are glad that Bhad Bhabie was able to achieve success without scandals. Later, the girl noted on her Instagram that now she will do whatever she wants. Daniella is famous for her eccentric nature and behavior, but in many ways, this is what brought her so much hype. And now you can’t argue with an adult star!

We hope Bhad Bhabie will continue to delight us with her creativity and hype, and maybe even more explicit content.

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