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The most useful gadgets. JK. This is just rubbish

You know all those Sci-Fi movies where people are super smart and using technology for saving lives and stuff, well fuck that. Here are some of the reasons why aliens don’t want to communicate with us.


Behold one of the most bizarre and useless gadgets and inventions.

Do you ever forget to flush the toilet? Well, the inventor of the Internet Connected Toilet That Tracks Your Bowel Movements definitely has. So basically you have a toilet that can not only flush itself when you ask it to (to be precise you ask Alexa or Google assistant to flush for you) but it can also detect the shit you take. No wonder Isaac Asimov wrote about robotic rebellion. The high-tech toilet can also play your favorite tunes as you drop shit, and it can even calculate the amount of water that was used (that one is pretty cool actually).

Okay, up next we have the Smart Hairbrush.

I don’t know why, but I see a girl named Karen buying one. Anyway, this hairbrush contains a microphone that literally listens to your hair, vibrating when it senses split ends, so you know when to stop brushing. The company that made it, Kérastase are now collaborating with L’Oréal’s Research and Innovation Technology Incubator. I guess they are studying the paradox “How did people live without knowing where to stop brushing? “.

It wouldn’t be a full chart if it didn’t have a useless chinses invention in it. The umbrella drone is actually a drone with an umbrella, wow. This gadget is for the person who finds driving a drone easier than holding an umbrella. Meant for hands-free walking in the rain, the umbrella drone only stays charged for half an hour and is inevitably more hassle than it’s worth.

And last but not least The palm. Are you ready?

via Time Magazine

This is like the most stupid thing someone could buy for the money. It’s actually a rectangular piece of unmarked plastic. Meant to simulate the in hand feeling of an iPhone and therefore stimy technology cravings, this gadget is, once again, a literal piece of plastic. Besides the fact that you can’t get the dopamine rush of a Twitter notification from it, this product also serves as an incessant reminder of your cell phone addiction, likely only serving to worsen the problem. Even buying a toy phone would be more fun. At least it makes funny noises.

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