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Apex Servers Are Down?

On the morning of February 27, the EA servers failed again. This is not the first time in February. Many people wonder whether EA servers are down right now. Problems were with access to the Origin games launcher and the opening of many online games, like FIFA, Apex Legends, and more. 

Origin is a marketplace selling computer games and their subsequent use. This program is owned by Electronic Arts, a video game development company. Origin is available on platforms like Windows and Mac. With Origin, you can install the games of Electronic Arts and their partners on a PC, chat and play in the company of friends. A convenient interface will help you quickly and easily understand the program. 

I encountered this problem with an Apex Legends servers down, everything stupidly hung up on the match loading screen in Apex. When I forcibly turned off the game through the task manager and logged in again, I welcomed a note in the game that I couldn’t connect to EA servers. Apex is down, and I even stopped entering Origin, the only offline mode was available.

The biggest problems are in the football simulator. The game gives an error in 86% of players. Some suffer from problems connecting to the server, while others cannot log into their account.

Also, due to the popularity of Apex Legends, most of the attention is focused on this particular game. Are Apex servers down?

Statistics show that the most affected gamers from the United States, Britain, and Europe.

In both cases, the origin down continued for several hours. Official comments were only given regarding the solution to the problem that the company was working on EA online servers and so on. But the reason was never explained. What is remarkable, this should not have happened, especially several times. Overload can cause servers to EA down. But the fact is that there was no new game, no major updates either. Gamers around the world were alarmed, some were angry, but the problem was resolved after a few hours.

To date, this incident has not been repeated and EA only apologized for the inconvenience and continued to work on. And that means that we can continue to enjoy our favorite games and don’t afraid if Origin servers are down!

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