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VR Is Your New Sexologist. Technologies to the Rescue

Careful! This is about porn, sex, education, and therapy by VR, and how VR can be your sexologist.

Many of you have heard and some of you may have tried VR, not for gaming. The porn industry is showing quite a rise in the last few years. According to PornHub statistics, in 2017, half a million people watched VR videos daily. And in 2018, users most often searched for “xxx” when they google “virtual reality”. 

In fact, VR has brought big changes to the perception of the whole porn process, because in VR porn, there aren’t any all-screen dicks and vaginas. It’s more about the reaction of the fantasy partner. So in a way, VR porn is making people more emotional and empathetic. For example, men can see that they are “having sex” with a porn actress in a missionary position, but the camera is tilted so that, if you look down, it stops just below her waist. 

But VR is not only used for fun and fapping. Now, such methods are actively being introduced into therapeutic practices aimed at restoring mental health. On the one hand, VR is seen as an addiction trigger. On the other hand, as a method of combating phobias (for example, fear of heights), post-traumatic disorder and drug addiction. 

Here is the part where the VR sexologist strikes in. Despite that, we all have the internet and we can ask whatever we feel like, sex is still a taboo fr many people. Especially sexual experiments and different sexual orientations. The instructional VR porn has come to the rescue. It promotes the taboo topic to the masses. The most popular example is BaDoinkVR, which launched the project Virtual Sexology in 2016. First, a 40-minute “about him” video was released in which a female voice-over voice talks of relaxation exercises that help relax during sex since anxiety and self-doubt can be triggered by too much arousal.

And yes, there is also sex, with all the imperfections and with the minor failures, for example, the masturbator did not match in size and the actress turned to techniques of manual stimulation. A great way of showing that it ain’t that smooth in life. BaDoinkVR also released a movie “about her” in 2017. First, the spectator is in bed with a guy who gives her a massage and then has sex with her. And then the actress on porn speaks about different ways to masturbate with and without toys. By the way, those computers were donated by the organization to the first 10,000 customers. Lucky bitches…

However, teaching VR porn is still porn, which causes arousal. How to maintain concentration and perceive information effectively?

The truth is that the reflexes of our body even during education are on point, whether it be virtual reality or reading literature on the topic. The question is the degree of excitement. When it is high, the cerebral cortex is turned off and only subcortical reactions remain. But if this is a normal emotional uplift, then we can absorb information even better, because such memory is very strong. Due to sexual arousal and fear, working memory, which is responsible for the temporary storage of information, becomes more productive…Which is great news for all you fappers out there! Now you can put some podcasts on while jacking off. Perfect time management during the quarantine.

But no one says that VR is the sexologist that should be only 18+. Researchers Rashita Chandler and Henry Ross of Emory University are working on a three-dimensional sex education project for African-American students. Chandler described a potential VR scenario: the user and her partner avatar are sitting in the dorm room, preparing for putting the P in the V, and the girl is asked to decide whether sex will be protected or not. If she chooses the first, she needs to demonstrate on cyber dick how she uses contraception. In case of failure, the program will instruct the user in detail, after which she will have a second attempt. Such gamification is intended to show students how important it is to protect not only from unwanted pregnancy but also from STIs.

In addition to its educational function, VR 18+ can help you safely embody various fantasies and embrace your sexuality. VR for adults gives couples the opportunity for couples to safely solve the problem of jealousy in relationships and experiment. No doubt, putting on VR helmets with a partner is psychologically much easier than going to a swing club, and the emotions are the same, if not brighter. 

You can explore what it means to be in a BDSM relationship before trying this scenario in real life. Or, for example, you are interested in some kind of sexual practice but are not 100% sure. In these cases, the new technology will really be useful. One of the clear benefits of VR sexology is the “playing” of real-life stories in a safe and intimate setting. A person sees a private picture. He doesn’t need to be shy about his reactions, unlike the situation when he is sitting in front of a psychologist or sexologist.

VR helps to remove clamps and overcome sexual inhibition, explore your own libido at a calm pace, in a safe space, stopping at any time. Some of these clamps may be the fear of initial intimacy. VR 18 + is much more visual and lighter than most on-line adult content. And he helps to prepare psychologically for such a significant event in a person’s life as first sex. 

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