TWIFT | Esport | A Ray of Sunshine: Park “Hajinsun” Hyunseon Joins T1 as a Team Manager/Analyst

A Ray of Sunshine: Park “Hajinsun” Hyunseon Joins T1 as a Team Manager/Analyst

A Ray of Sunshine: Park “Hajinsun” Hyunseon Joins T1 as a Team Manager/Analyst

“I want to become a person that brings joy and positive energy to others. That’s why my nickname is Hajin’Sun’.” Sounds like a passage from a speech of a contestant in just another beauty pageant like Miss World or Miss America.  If you thought so too, guess what, you were wrong. These are words of Park “Hajinsun” Hyunseon, a T1’s new team manager. 

She seems a genuine ray of sunshine in the eSports world and that is why this post will lack usual bullshit and dumb jokes that, I hope, you like so much. It will be more of a motivational scribble, but not like all posts, articles, and videos of dubious motivational speakers, that either trying to sell you their book or are already worth millions and just want to brag about it in front of crowds of retarded motivational fanatics. We will start with Park “Hajinsun” Hyunseon’s history in eSports and then move to discuss her new position as a team manager at T1.

league of legeends

While watching a few videos with Hajinsun оn YouTube, it really feels like she has a radiant personality. Her career began in eSports in the group stages of the 2015 League of Legends World Championships. Riot was looking for a Korean – English translator and Park “Hajinsun” Hyunseon, able to speak Korean, English, and French, was the perfect choice to fill this position. She confessed that she was far from confident about the new job because she grew up in France and actually French, not English or Korean, is her first language. In 2016, she took a job as a Korean – French translator for the Paris Saint-Germain League of Legends team and in 2017 she was a content creator for a French eSports website. Though the same year Hajinsun graduated with a computer engineering degree, she decided to continue developing herself in the eSports industry.

It may be surprising, but people began recognizing Hajinsun as a rising star in the industry not because of her involvement with the League of Legends. She became well known as a host and a translator within the StarCraft II scene. But her career really took off, when Hajinsun got a job as a translator and a manager in the Misfits Gaming team. Not sure how you can combine these two positions, but it is in the past. Currently, she performs the role of a team manager for T1. 

You would ask: “How did Hajinsun get a job with such a team that has so much history and tradition in the League of Legends world?” The answer is very simple, my friends: Hajinsun sent them her resume, which is supposed to be really impressive because she aced the application and got the job. T1 is a very strong League of Legends team, founded back in 2003 and is based in South Korea. The team took the 1st place in many League of Legends Championships in Korea, but most importantly, they won League of Legends World Championship three times: in 2013, 2015 and 2016. Not only being League of Legends distinguished professionals, but this team also has rosters for PUBG, Dota 2 and the recently popular game Apex Legends (also, Fortnite, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon). 

The last two games on the list seem like something odd to compete in eSports, don’t they? Anyway, T1 is so big that people around Hajinsun were at first doubting if she really got the job with the notorious team. Once she signed with T1, all doubts were gone and people around her were really surprised but also happy for Hajinsun’s success. Looking back at her career in eSports, I personally believe that she really deserves it and, in the future, T1 will be really happy that they have hired her.

“A team manager” as a title for a role doesn’t contain enough information to understand what Hajinsun will be responsible for and what she will do every day. It appears that she will also be an analyst for the team. Hajinsun will be helping the original manager of the team and will assist the coaches by analyzing T1’s team matches, as well as the matches of their direct competitors. It may be a bit disappointing, however, Hajinsun will not be involved directly in the team’s training. How does she feel about it? No doubt, being a ray of sunshine in the eSports world, Hajinsun is very excited about her new role and she just wants to become a part of the team. The main advantage of Hajinsun is that she shares the passion for League of Legends with the team. It may be not so important for a team manager, but being familiar with League of Legends is a must for an analyst. So, yeah, we all like team members appreciate those, who are passionate, on-hands and can and will multitask.

So now, Hajinsun has moved to Seoul in order to join T1. This year, there are many new players on the team. However, working for T1 means that Hajinsun also met Faker, live and in person, Number One in League of Legends eSports. Yup, and I bet she kept her shit together. The first task of hers was to issue the team hoodies to every member, this way finally meeting them as a team manager. And just another example of how great Hajinsun is. Obviously, as a team manager, she has to communicate with the team members a lot. But Hajinsun takes it to a totally next level. She would like to learn about every player’s interest and explore it herself so she can better interact with the team. I wish my girlfriend would be so willing to explore my interests and would share my elaborate taste in video games. Just like normal people, these guys have a life outside of League of Legends. 

For example, Faker reads a lot and Hajinsun plans to read some of the books he loves in order to understand him better. Not only that, but Hajinsun will take care of the team’s health and will be working out with them in the gym, pushing every one of them to a healthier lifestyle. I am glad, she knows that in order to take their game to the next level, it’s not just enough to spend hours and hours in-game. But they have to keep their bodies healthy and strong. Good for Hajinsun and even better for T1 team as they are in great hands, in hands of a loving mother, who she will become in no time to every player and a member of the stuff on the team.

Guys, I do apologize for being such a Fanboy, but Come On! Look at her pictures below and check her Instagram too. Yes, I know you feel the same way about her as I do. Such a sweetie (from her Instagram

league of legeends

Congrats to T1 for a great choice and I wish Park “Hajinsun” Hyunseon to fit in the team and become the best team manager/analyst they’ve ever had! No doubt, she will ace that too and continue to be an inspiration and a great example of what you can achieve being a genuine personality and a ray of sunshine.

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