TWIFT | Esport | The new Valorant teaser shows there’s more to the game than just shooting

The new Valorant teaser shows there’s more to the game than just shooting

 It’s only human to fight for resources instead of multiplying them together.

The backstory of the Valorant world has been a total mystery ever since Riot Games launched that epic shooter. The developers have been posting teaser videos to keep the players’ interest at a high level. The video called ‘Duelists’, published along with the game release, gave us some glimpse of an idea about the gaming world. After that, a new character, Your, was introduced in the ‘Retake’ teaser. Now we’re looking at the third video – Duality.

The last one dives deeper into the story behind the conflict among the agents. It was already said that the resource which is being fought for is called Radianite. During the game’s startup video, we’re being told by Brimstone that the antagonists steal Radianite with the help of the Spike.

According to the Duality teaser the Kingdom needs Radianite to provide energy to the whole world of Valorant. It is already known that Radianite is the agents’ source of power as well. The cinematic shows that the resource is so powerful that it can tear out half a city from the ground and make it levitate. 

This story now brings a new spark to the daily fighting matches for players, however, to be frank, the teaser leaves more questions than it has provided answers. We’ll try to summarize and define lore videos below.

Just like looking in the mirror

The video narrates the short story from the life of Phoenix, Viper, and Killjoy. They try to keep the Spike from obtaining Radianite in Italy. It is quite a twist when the antagonist opposing them looked exactly like Phoenix. Expected for players, but a surprise for Phoenix. At the end of their storyline, the question arises: “How do they look like us?”

The video leaves us with the feeling the Viper knows something, but is not eager to share, pointing fingers at Brimstone. The spectators are left with many questions at that point. Anyway, now we know two things: looks like the agents are not clones and the whole conflict is not a simulation.

Write your fu**ing article right now!

The final scene reveals the other side. The enemy agents don’t look bad. As well as the ones disarming the spike look good. The last shot is a goldmine of ideas about the real nature of things in the Valorant world. Two identical Earths are shown facing each other. It can be literal or hinting at multiple universes. However, one thing is certain – the heroes look alike because they are different interpretations of themselves.

With the help of some kind of a hero link between worlds, the agents can teleport and fight for Radianite on both Earths. It’s just a theory though. Another theory is that this thing with two planets will influence further game modes and has nothing to do with the present order of things. 

Well, let’s be patient and wait for the new teasers from Riot Games and further Valorant updates.

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