TWIFT | Esport | PUBG Mobile India New Patch Release: Detailed Review of 1.5.0 Update

PUBG Mobile India New Patch Release: Detailed Review of 1.5.0 Update

Recent July PUBG mobile update in a nutshell

Finally, we see some movement from Krafton. The July patch would be the second game upgrade since it has been launched. Let us remind you that PUGB mobile was officially banned in India, and it took some time for the developers to re-launch it once again. Now it is being published under a new name – Battlegrounds Mobile India and by another entity.

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So, the patch.

1.5.0 mobile update has a number of new goodies in its pocket. Starting with minor graphical updates and ending with a new weapon. Yeah, you read it right. The latest patch introduces a new gun – MG3. It is to replace the old machine gun (M249) which could have been found only in supply drops. Let’s get a little deeper into the features brought by the new game release.

New Battlegrounds update on Google Store.

As a rule, Krafron drops all-new patches for the game at the Google Play Store, and this one is not an exception. The game should be updated on all Android devices for players to keep on playing. The download usually takes not more than a couple of minutes (well, if your internet connection is nice and steady that is). Sometimes it may be required to download the maps manually. 

Size of the package

Because of having many new components, the recent update is not that light. The total size is a little more than 420Mb. As well, some variations may be in order depending on the type of device you have. Moreover, the archive with the biggest game files should be downloaded manually. Just check your device storage before messing with all that stuff.

1.5.0 update details and new features

The 20th season of Battlegrounds Mobile India is just around the corner. The 1.5.0 update brings a full package of cool stuff into the game. Let’s review them in detail.

MG3 Machine Gun

The headliner of this BGMI release is a new MG3 handgun. The new weapon was introduced instead of the M249 machine gun, a frequent trophy for looting the airdrop. The players now will be able to find it on all maps while swiping the constructions. MG3 has a 7.62mm, 70-round magazine with a rate of fire similar to its predecessor. It comes with a slightly slower reload and no possibility to add attachments, except for the scope of course (up to x6 though). As well, there is no way to adjust the firing mode – MG3 supports only the automatic one.

Healing items

One of the life-saving features introduced with the July update is the ability for players to throw a healing item to a specific place, just like with grenades. This might come in handy if your squad member has no medkits, and is being pinned down and cut out from you. Just keep in mind that healing items can bounce off the obstacles. So aim accurately. 

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New game mode

The new Battlegrounds patch adds a new game mode, called Mission Ignition, which brings some sci-fi features and items to the game. The new Automatic Drop option will let you be dropped off automatically into the chosen location. Some locations of the Erangel map got a design update. Those would be the Main center at Mylta Power, Military Base, Logistics Company at Yasnaya Polyana, School, Georgopol port, and Transit Center at Pochinki.

Some new means of transportation were included in the update as well: a futuristic HyperLines train, a gravitational bike, called G-38, that files over the surface, etc. Moreover, this mode introduces another new weapon – ASM Abakan with a 5.56mm 30-round magazine. This one can be fully equipped with different kinds of attachments: scopes, magazines, stocks, nozzles, etc.

Another cool feature is the battle marking gadget. It will help you determine the teammate’s firing angle, enemy’s position, etc. In terms of battle gear, the Riot Shield will hide you from the enemy gunfire, as it is impenetrable by bullets. On top of that, the Tesla Model Y car can be called from the factory to a location marked by a player on the map. In addition, there is a possibility to get an autonomous combat vehicle, which will help you shoot the bad guys.

Challenge Point Scheme

The system of gathering in-game points was also slightly changed. The Challenge Point scheme is used to provide players with bonus points according to their activity during the match. Now the points are acquired only if a player omits performing any kind of malevolent actions like griefing, leaving the match until it’s finished, killing teammates, etc.

Ranking Changes

The ranking system was updated a little as well. Krafton added one new rank – Ace Master, which is to be earned after Ace. Some changes were also made to seasonal ranks and the royal pass. You can find out more about those on Krafton official website.

Weapon Attachments Gathering

It is now possible to select the gun attachments beforehand without any pressure. After that, during the match, relevant devices will be automatically collected from the ground and applied to the weapon.

Victory Statue

The 1.5.0 update introduces a new interesting peculiarity – the Golden Victory Statue. The most valuable player of the squad can call in the victory statue to a specific area. Players can perform the victorious moves and take selfies at the statue. 

New Clan Challenge Mode

A new mode for clans brought by the new update lets clans with comparable stats initiate a two-week contest. The feature is called Clan PK mode and lets members of clans acquire PK points for passing different missions and winning daily rewards. When the contest ends, the clan with more points becomes the winner.

Additional features

In addition to everything mentioned above, the fps rate was increased for a small number of devices (up to 90fps). At the same time, some graphical and gameplay effects were introduced to all maps. For example, the marker of remaining ammo will now be changing colors depending on the percentage of shots remaining in the magazine. Thus, it will become yellow for 25% and red for 10% of ammo.

Moreover, combat gameplay was also improved. The melee weapons will not be replacing the main gun. In case the main weapon’s ammo is depleted, it will be changed with the next firing gun. As well, from now on it will be impossible to pick up empty flare guns. The developers also added the option to omit picking up the dropped scopes automatically. The reverse gyroscope and some minor improvements to the third-person view camera were added.

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