TWIFT | DOTA 2 | Bookmakers’ favorite screwed up

Bookmakers’ favorite screwed up

Of course, you know that that’s about Team Liquid.
Despite their not so bright performance, bookmakers (and many of the fans) believed in them with all their hearts. And wallets. And were disappointed as fuck.
After a fabulous winning on MDL Macau, Liquid seemed to be back on track despite the lame beginning of the season. But it was a trap!
The DreamLeague Season 11 Major was their chance to get some of the Dota Pro Circuit points and win their place in The International 2019. But instead, they royally lost the first match of the lower bracket to a team from Brazil.

The overall impression of the match is a twenty-minute ass-beating of the so-called favorite. Chaos won hands down.

If to look into details, Team Liquid lost on the draft stage already. rMN made every mistake possible:

Liquid showed Ember too soon. As a result, Miracle had to relocate to the hard line so he wouldn’t meet Ursa or Razor. But he didn’t stand well against Omniknight either — tavo made him buy heals every so often.
Matumba on Monkey King is good. Monkey King against Razor is bad. Matumba got killed by w33 being all alone and nobody could help him.
Who in his right mind would choose melee heroes against Razor or Ursa? rNM definitely went bananas when chose four melees against both Razor and Ursa Chaos drafted.
Kuroky had to play on Tusk. And this is a hero where it’s not enough to know how to play. You have to have a shitton of practice to get skilled.

Other major points that led to Team Liquid being beaten to death are:

Chaos played extremely aggressive. That is actually to expect from a team from South America, but did you see how they forced Liquid to fight on all three lanes eleven minutes after the match started? It’s impossible not to cheer for such bravery.

Miracle was being hunted. Chaos were determined to catch him no matter what and they succeeded brilliantly. Three remnants helped the Liquid carry to survive in no way.

Looking for a new meta hero? Tavo found one for you — Omniknight. I mean, did you see what a fucking imba it was in the match? Screw Abaddon, Omni does the same but better.

First, healing is more powerful. As an attacking spell, it can be tricky to use, but once you get to the enemy, he gets a ton of PURE damage.
The second spell is just crazy. Strong dispel with 28 points of strength additionally against 250 points of absorbed damage. And Omniknight also casts a 50% resistance bonus plus 20 points of health regen. How can you fight against a hero under such buffs?
Passive abilities are just too different to compare.
Omni’s ultimate is much more dope as for the support. And he doesn’t need Aghanim’s Scepter to reduce team damage.

Omni is also great cos he can be combined with many heroes who are in meta now. For example, Morphling — just imagine this machine having +28 of strength. Sven, Ursa, any hero with strength as the main attribute. Or against any controlling hero like Banу or Beastmaster.
In this particular match, Omniknight was counterpicked for Monkey Kings — Guardian Angel makes MK’s ulti an absolutely useless shit.

Team Liquid failed epically on this Major. They still have a chance, though. There are two more tournaments coming where they can earn lacking Pro Circuit Points and make it to The International. But competitors are catching up with them and may push Liquid away from their 10th position in the ranked table.

On the one hand, we know Liquid as the team that usually sucks at the beginning of every season. On the other, someone may snap — the pressure is so fucking high.

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