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Borderlands 3: Weapon Trinkets. Full Guide

Borderlands 3 is arguably the most realistic game in the entire Borderlands series. Realistic in the sense that more options are open to the player than in the previous series of the game. However, Borderlands is certainly not played for that. The main features are fascinating skirmishes, satirical humor, and a lot of loot ‒ a totally huge amount of loot. In addition, various personalization options are available to the player, including various skins for weapons. In addition to skins in Borderlands 3, weapon trinkets can be attached to weapons. These things will be discussed in this article.

Borderlands 3

What are Weapon Trinkets in Borderlands 3?

The Weapon Trinkets is a great upgrade for your weapons. You can earn them through successful Qwest passages, challenges, or some loot resources. In the game, they are seen as keychains that hang off a weapon. You can use the same Trinket on all 4 weapon slots at the same time. They will always be listed in the order you unlock them (newest at bottom). Every character you make will have access to every Trinket you have unlocked. The rarity or style of a Trinket does not affect the weapon in any way.
Borderlands 3

Where to Find Them?

Weapon trinkets in Borderlands 3 are decorations that the player can attach to weapons. They look like ordinary trinkets and hang from weapons. This opportunity is not available from the very beginning of the game, and opens up as you progress through the game. When you start a story mission called “Sanctuary”, the first two trinkets slots will appear in your character’s inventory. Sometime later, at the lower level of the ship, you will meet a character named Crazy Earl.

After you talk to him, check your character’s inventory. In the future, you can buy these toys for Eridium, and not ordinary money. The total cost of the 18 decorations that you can buy in the shop on the ship “Sanctuary” is 1625 Eridium. You will receive three more decorations as a reward for completing missions.

Besides, you can get decorations for weapons by opening chests, or as a reward for challenges or completing quests. Some decorations are only available through cosmetic DLC packs, while others can be exchanged for special VIP points.

Borderlands 3

How to Equip?

It should be borne in mind that weapon trinkets in BL3 are very small, they are difficult to see even when you mount them on your weapon. Therefore, do not rush to waste your Eridium on everything. Choose really what you like.

In most cases, the final size of a toy on your gun depends on the weapon it is mounted on. For example, if you use a shotgun, a trinket will be large and easy to spot. At the same time, any trinket installed on the pistol is likely to be seen only by you.

You can equip the toy in your inventory. There is a special slot to the left of your chosen weapon. If you click on it, you will see all the available toys. One decoration can be installed in each slot. You can use each toy on all your weapons without restrictions.

How to Use Trinkets?

Unfortunately, when asked what do trinkets do in Borderlands 3, the answer may seem disappointing. The fact is that decoration on guns is just decoration, an accessory, a toy, and nothing more. The main purpose of the toy is weapon customization. That is, you just need a toy to make your gun look cooler and stand out from the mass of other weapons. Decorations do not provide any improvements or benefits.

A trinket is a kind of accent, an emblem that hangs on your weapon and gives it a bit of your personality. This makes the game more fun, you can see who you are playing with, and other players can see who they are playing with.

Borderlands 3

How else can you use Borderlands 3 trinkets? Another interesting way is to create a real keychain. When a souvenir manufacturer creates a keychain for your order. Thus, using your favorite accessory, you can stand out not only in the game, but also in real life. It’s also a good gift idea for a fan of the Borderlands series.


Despite the fact that the trinket is only a decoration, you should choose it wisely. You will spend Eridium on the purchase, but the little thing itself will not give any advantages in battle, except for making your weapon more beautiful for your own eyes. We can say that trinkets are useless, but they do not take up space in the inventory, they can be obtained just like that for completing game quests, and do not burden the player with anything.
In any case, trinkets are a pretty interesting, albeit not the most practical way to expand the options for customizing weapons. With a rare decoration, your loot is truly yours. However, to use trinkets in Borderlands 3 or not, everyone decides for themselves.

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