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Can FAU-G replace PUBG Mobile in India?

The action mobile game FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards from Indian developers quickly burst into the rating of the analytical company App Annie, displacing such a recognized hit as Among Us in the first place. Perhaps the reason for the huge popularity is that PUBG Mobile was banned in India, and FAU-G was announced just two days after this event.

However, the Indian authorities not only liberated the huge and growing market from competitors but also strongly support import substitution in the gaming industry. FAU-G is marketed as a patriotic Indian game for Indians.

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The project is available for download on Google Play, the iOS version is promised to be released later. Judging by the reviews, many players who joined the mobile action were not very happy. Many gamers have given one star out of five.

In general, the FAU-G rating is not yet high ‒ 3.4 (626 thousand ratings). But, due to the successful start at home, one can count on the further development of the project. And, of course, I hope to see new epic trailers. Try to guess here if the rating of the game will increase.

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But what can we say now? The developers themselves are not positioning this game as a replacement for PUBG. According to them, they started the creation of this game a long time ago and the blocking of PUBG did not affect the release of the game in any way. They wanted to release a self-contained game that everyone would love.

Despite some similarities between the games, FAU-G still differs from its more popular twin. PUBG came out a few years ago and therefore has a lot more features and content. Its younger competitor cannot boast of such an abundance of weapons and game options or even a multiplayer mode. FAU-G will initially be offered as a single-player and co-op game to prevent potential problems. Battle Royale and PvP modes were marked as “coming soon”.

NCore originally planned to launch FAU-G in story mode and eventually add more weapons and modes with updates in the future. Co-founder and COO Ganesh Hande also reportedly confirmed that FAU-G will have ads, but it will be intelligently integrated.

In the first month, the game was downloaded more than 5 million times and immediately brought FAU-G to the top 1 in the Play Market. But will the game be able to fully replace the world-famous PUBG and possibly even compete with other shooters in the global gaming arena?

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