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CS:GO Flashpoint: New League For Players

The official name for CS:GO B Site League is Flashpoint. In 2020, over two million dollars to be played in two seasons. The organizers of CSGO league B Site presented an official name and format.

The CS:GO Flashpoint esports League was created with the support of teams, 10 clubs invested in it, with a total investment amount of $ 25 million. Six investor clubs are known so far: Cloud9, MIBR, MAD Lions, Dignitas, Gen.G and c0ntact. As mentioned by ESPN, organizations paid $ 2 million for participating in the league.

12 teams in the league ‒ 10 clubs financing the league, as well as two rosters that would go through the open selection. A scholarship is provided for teams without organizations ‒ teams without a club that pass qualifications to receive $ 25,000 per month.

The first season begins in March. Screening starts on February 6th. The qualification finals will be held on LAN in Los Angeles on March 3-5. Prize fund selection ‒ 100 thousand dollars.

League System

There will be two stages in the regular season. In each of them, teams will be divided into three GSL groups with Bo3 matches. Participants will receive playoff cs go points ‒ from 15 to 75, depending on the place in the group. Top 8 teams by points will reach the playoffs, which will be held in a double-elimination format with Bo3 matches.

Among the participants of the first season, three strongest teams will be selected by the CSPPA rating. They will be determined in three different groups, where they will choose the first rivals, and they will be called by one more team, and so on until the end. The rosters, being pointed out last, will be able to propose one change to the existing groups.

Next, the teams will play on the GSL system with matches up to two victories. The best teams of the first phase will receive the right of the first choice in the draft groups before the second stage, which will be identical to the first. According to the results of two rounds, the squads will earn cs go point for the occupied places: 15, 30, 50 or 75 for the fourth, third, second or the first line, respectively.

Eight teams with the highest total points will get into the playoffs. They will compete in the double-elimination grid with matches up to two wins. The remaining teams will leave the competition.p>

The main stage of the first season will begin in March 2020. The organizers of FLASHPOINT did not give exact dates and did not disclose the distribution of the prize pool between the participants.

Potential to establish stability in the CS:GO eSports arena and improve guarantees for long-term investors make this CS:GO league great. All investors have equal voting rights on the Board of Directors, which will contribute to the stability of the league.

Prize Pool

Flashpoint esports will currently have the largest prize pool in all of esports CS:GO. More than two million dollars will be awarded over two seasons annually. Besides, players will receive the highest revenue share in all sports. The league will foster talent growth through its infrastructure and an open chain.

It is also important to note that Flashpoint is interested in attracting the best names on stage. Duncan “Thorin” Shields, Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles and Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat ‒ they will all participate in the program. Other recognized talents will join them. These include Daniel “DDK” Kapadia, James Bardolph, Freya Spiers, Jason “Moses” O’Toole, Anders Blume and Season Gars.

Flashpoint is set to storm the esports CS:GO scene. They are adamant about creating a “more spectacular exhibition target for adults with “differentiated content and storytelling” to stand out.

Virus Problems

The first FLASHPOINT esports season will be held in the USA without an audience ‒ playoffs in Sweden canceled due to coronavirus.

The organizers of FLASHPOINT esports Season 1 CS:GO announced that all matches will be held in the closed studio FACEIT in Los Angeles without spectators. League playoffs have also been moved to the USA. Thus, the participants in the competition want to protect against possible coronavirus infection. This was reported on Twitter.

The decision of the organizers of FLASHPOINT was influenced by the meeting with the Union of Professional Players in CS:GO (CSPPA). Representatives of the association also held negotiations with other tournament operators, including ESL. Whether the rules for the Pro League Season 11 will change is unknown.

FLASHPOINT esports Season 1 matches will begin on March 13th. 12 teams will play a million dollars. The organizers have not yet announced the date for the end of the championship ‒ initially, they planned to play off the competition in April in Stockholm.

This league can be a huge success for the entire cs go esports news. New players, stars, tournaments. All this will help to strengthen e-sports in general and set an example for the rest. Given the situation in the world, e-sports should go to the next level. You can participate and just sit at home. The future is for computer games!

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