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Rumors. Huge Update In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

On November 18, exactly one year passed since the release of the last  update, operation in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It got the name Operation Shattered Web, and for the first time in CS history, we got the opportunity to legally customize our in-game models.

Just see how cool they look:

The very first Operation Payback ran from April 25 to September 2, 2013, and gave players a $5.99 pass that opened up access to 7 maps. All the money went to the creators of the maps, and then Valve solemnly announced that the craftsmen earned $180,000 during the operation.

However, now it is December 2020, and the players have not received a new, anniversary, tenth operation. However, we are sure that it is not far off, and now we will explain why.

When is the next CS: GO operation?

It all started a few weeks ago when the portal said that a small update was released in the shooter, which included the removal of some data about the old operation and changes in the descriptions of items. Typically, these small updates are followed by larger ones, such as a new operation.


Then, the well-known insider Norse said on Twitter that the next operation “will be released very soon.” He also said that he received information about this a few days ago, but preferred to remain silent.

Besides, the insider wrote the phrase “Winter is Coming” in his tweet. What could it mean? That the operation will come out in winter? Or something different?

To answer these questions, we will be helped by a tweet from analyst Chad SPUNJ Burchill, in which he asked CS: GO developers to add a certain map “Frostbite” as a new map for the Danger Zone mode. This tweet was liked by the official CS: GO Twitter account.

And here’s what the community-made Frostbite map looks like for Danger Zone. It is winter.


The Steam Database online tracker has recorded the activity of at least four developers in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Dev. This is a test version of CS: GO for game designers from Valve studio.

Perhaps Valve is preparing a major game update or operation, as previously mentioned by Insiders. Several developers were also active in the dev client during the release of Shattered Web. At the same time, since 2018, only five cases have been registered when four CS: GO developers were online. Three times of them ‒ in 2020, and only once for several months in a row from September to November.

Old / new maps

The past Operation Shattered Web has disappointed fans of new maps. Developers added one location to the Danger Zone mode and none to competitive matchmaking. With the new operation, Valve can introduce multiple community maps, as has been done previously.

Perhaps the developers will add reworked versions of old maps to CS: GO. This was previously mentioned by the BhT commentator, according to whom updated Office, Mirage and Tuscan will appear in the game. Given the recent information about the development of the Tuscan, the appearance of the maps along with the operation looks plausible.

Source 2

The CS: GO transition to the new engine has been discussed for several years, but Valve has never officially mentioned it. In 2020, it seemed that Source 2 would appear in the shooter from week to week, as several insiders promised to transfer the game to the updated engine in the summer. However, the developers never released anything, and the YouTuber Valve News Network generally reported that Valve curtailed the transfer of CS: GO to Source 2 due to problems with the code.

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And yet the engine may appear in the game with a new operation. Recently, the Talk Esports website reported on possible open-source testing of Source 2 that will help Valve polish the engine with user input. This approach would surely suit both developers and gamers.

New Mode

Shattered Web added agent skins, Battlepass, and two co-op missions, but Valve has never introduced any new modes. Now in CS: GO there may be a mode for a 1×1 game, as well as a Rouge-like event, where players need to go through one stage after another to win. Several insiders reported on the new modes at once, including the already mentioned BhT and Valve News Network.

Along with this, the operation is expected to have a new map for the Danger Zone and several cooperative missions, as in the “Shattered Web”. It sounds too good to be true, so insider information should be treated with skepticism.

It’s hard not to get into the hype when several insiders at once confirm the imminent release of the operation, but in the case of CS: GO, it’s always better to expect the worst. We remember how many times Valve frustrated fans by postponing and canceling updates and not releasing operations for over two years.

However, if the insiders don’t lie, then we will have the largest and most content-filled operation in the entire history of CS: GO.

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