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Dead By Daylight: How To Find Hatch

Remember the feeling when you are the last one standing in Dead by Daylight, and you desperately need to find the hatch and escape from the killers. We’ve gathered for you all the tips and tricks we could find in different comment sections and made an essence on how to find the hatch.

Why do you need hatches in Dead by Daylight?

Before we get to the point, let’s get clear about the hatches. Also known as “Black locks,” the hatches are an opportunity for survivors to escape the trial. It appears almost absolutely random when the last survivor didn’t manage to open the exit gates or couldn’t power them at all. 

In the case where there is more than one survivor, the hatch can only be opened with a special key. When a survivor opens a hatch with a key, it stays open for 30 more seconds and respawns afterwards. 

How to find a hatch in Dead by Daylight?

From the wide variations, there are three main ways of finding the hatch in Dead by Daylight. 

1.Listen closely

It appears that the hatches make sounds. We don’t know if they are different every time, but players surely hear them differently. Here is a small list of sounds you should be reacting to when you are searching for the hatch:

– wind tunnel 
– machine like 
– “whoosh”
– like a portal to another dimension
– high pitch bell sound
– like a magic crystal
– shining sound

Keep in mind that even with headphones, it’s not that noticeable. That’s why you’ll also need to…

2.Look carefully

Most players agree that chances are higher seeing the hatch, than hearing it, but still. Keep your eyes open, especially when you are in the places, where it’s most likely for the hatch to be found.

3.Be in the right place

Though most of the players think that the hatches respawn randomly, some have found that there are specific algorithms. For example, it’s more likely to find a hatch near a landmark, than anywhere else. Usually, the largest building on the map is the place. If you don’t see it there, go for another milestone. In other words find some big object like a bulldozer, a pile of lumber, a tree with a mutilated cow, etc. However, one player had a time where the hatch spawned next to him, while he was near an indoor generator. That’s some luck! 

 Keep in mind that the hatch never appears next to the outside walls or gates. For additional convenience, you can also try the map with add ons, as the standard one shows you only the generators.

When will the hatch respawn in Dead by Daylight?

The maths is easy with this one. When the amount of fixed generators is one more than the number of survivors, for example, if there are three survivors, you’ll need four generators done. Only after that, the hatch will respawn. 

We hope these tips will be useful in your Dead by Daylight gameplay experience. Good luck, and have fun! 

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