Dota 2 EPICENTER Major

The last Major championship to fight for a place in the International

The last major of the 2018/2019 season — the EPICENTER Major — is to be held in Moscow on June 22-30. And you know what it means. Fight till you die!

Well, not you, of course, the teams invited. But here’s the thing: EPICENTER is the last Major to participate in before the International. And teams are gonna bust their asses to have a chance to enter the most important championship of the year. Oh boy, can’t wait to see that battle royal.
The major is organized by Epic Esports Events and for the first time ever the CIS region got three invites to the championship. Damn, those Russian hackers did it again! In total there will be 15 teams who passed regional qualifications: Europe, China and CIS got three slots each; Southeast Asia, North America, and South America received two slots each. Plus the winner of the fifth Minor. The qualifications are played on May 15-16.

Groups Stage is planned to be on June 22-23 and we will know who enters the Playoffs. But we all know who to expect there, don’t we? The final battle will happen on June 28-30 at the CSKA Arena. And they are going to impress us with some really cool shit — the stage is gonna be viewed on 360. So every single one of the 28 thousand fans who can fit into the place can see the players fail. No pressure, just watching.

Oh, and one more thing: the prize pool for the finals is $1,000,000 USD and 15,000 Pro Circuit Points. Still, no pressure.

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