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EChampions League Final Highlights

The first-ever FIFA 19 eChampions League match took place on May 31 in Madrid. The new project of EA SPORTS FIFA 19™ Global Series has delighted millions of football fans.

The results of the match didn’t leave the public indifferent. Eight of the top players of the Madrid tournament competed for the first super bowl.

Christopher “NYC_Chris” Holly has won the super final of the Spanish capital. “The New York City” cyber footballer showed the highest level of skill by beating his rival Ivan “DrNightWatch” Churov with a score of 7:4. So, almost double!

For such a significant result, the American e-sportsman Holly was awarded a prize of $100 thousand. The player added 850 Global Series points thanks to which Holly will be able to significantly grow in the PlayStation Global Series ranking before the playoffs in July.

NYC_Chris has considerable experience in FIFA. He can be called a veteran of the federation of the national football association. Over the past few years, Holly has proven himself to be a capable and professional player with excellent results in many tournaments.

And now from Madrid, he brought a real trophy for his eMLS New York City FC club the first-ever eChampions League cup.

Frankly, Christopher “NYC_Chris” Holly was not so easy to win. His achievement was a huge surprise for the sports world. In the quarter-finals, the cyber footballer barely managed to get ahead of Vitality Rafsou. In the semi-finals, the athlete almost overtook a defeat. A strong rival Holly North Marcuzo in the penalty shootout almost didn’t give him a chance to win.

All eight finalists had superpowers and good preparation. The proof can be the result of the quarterfinal match with a difference of only one goal.

The best players in the world in FIFA 19 received many advantages and opportunities before the tournament.

Among the “benefits” to the athletes were ordered and sewn suits, as well as branded bags with a huge number of presents.

Cyber soccer players visited Madrid’s home stadium Santiago Bernabeu as part of their private tour.

The participants tried themselves on the football field and then ended their day with a sumptuous dinner, overlooking the legendary arena.

The lucky championship winner raised his legendary eChampions League Cup at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium. It is where Liverpool celebrated its victory in the Champions League just a couple of hours ago.

It is safe to say that the eChampions League debut tournament was able to surprise its audience with the prestige and seriousness. The event left a mark in the history of the cyber football world for a long time.

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