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FIFA 20 Icons Already in Career Mode

Have you ever wondered how game developers make money from their games? Yes, they sell them in their online stores, but that’s not all. And one more plus to this, there will always be those who download the game for free and then the game creators will not receive a dime from it. But what about poor developers then? It’s simple, you just need to make in-game items or additional features for players for real money. In Counter-Strike, these are weapon skins, some of which cost a lot of money. There are little couriers in Dota 2 that cost thousands of dollars. In FIFA 20, these are legendary player cards, the so-called icons.

There used to be icons swap events that brought in a lot of money for game creators. Now, the legendary players have switched to Kick Off and Career mode. More about this in the article.EA Sports have finally released the Ultimate Team icons in other game modes, namely Career Mode and Quick Match. There are already available such stars as Pele, Zinedine Zidane, Ruud Gullit, Ronaldo, and others.

For the first time cards of the legendary players, or as they are called “icons”, became available in 2014 exclusively for the Xbox. Icons were not available on other platforms for four years until FIFA 18. Icons are now available in FIFA 20 in Career Mode, as announced EA on June 10 on their Twitter.

Developer Comments: “In a new patch, we have added a new team to quick match mode. The team includes the most famous world stars in football history. You can find the new team under the ‘Rest of the World’ tab in the team select menu, it’s called Soccer Aid World XI FC.”

In the new team, you will see Pele, Ronaldinho, Maradona, Zidane, Gullit, Matteus, Figo, Baresi, Maldini, Cannavaro, Schmeichel, Del Piero, Rush, and others. However, the quick match mode can quickly get boring, so let’s take a look at how to get icons in FIFA 20 Career Mode.

How do I get icons from UT Mode in FIFA 20 Career Mode?

To get highly ranked players on your team in Career Mode, you will need to follow these simple steps to get them:

Go to Settings in the FIFA 20 main menu and select Edit Teams from the eight options below this option.

Select the “Reset All Squads” option here to make sure you have the latest updates released by EA. Keep in mind, this will delete all your created players that you made in FIFA 20.

After downloading the new update, go to Team Edit and select the Club Transfers option in the upper right corner. From here, select the Free Agents column, which should now contain all of the icons from FUT 20. If not, find the player you want to move to.

On the Free Agent Clubs transfer screen, select the player you want to transfer to another club. On the right side of that player’s info screen, change his Team to whatever club you want him to move to.

Once you’ve done this with all the players you want, go back to the menu and start saving in career mode. Make sure you’ve selected ‘Use Current Squads’ and get started with your new team!

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