TWIFT | Esport | Former military coaching gamers from Splyce

Former military coaching gamers from Splyce

It’s said by many that if you want to fully master self-discipline and leader’s skills for life, you should go to the army or any other military facility. Guys from Splyce and the Overwatch League teams of Toronto Defiant – OverActive got lucky and had the military come to them. In January they began cooperating with the former US military.

Despite the rather comic situation on the first sight, this method is already rewarding itself. Think about it, if 10 years ago you would have asked a former military to help gamers become more productive, most likely you wouldn’t have been taken seriously. Furthermore, if you had said it to the more aggressive men, chances of a shit being beaten out of you are huge. But nowadays things have changed and cybersport has proved itself as a promising area.
The teammates are being coached for better leadership skills and team building strategies. In the course, they have learned how to make decisions in the speed of light and resolve conflict situations easily.
According to the Vice-President of OverActive, the organization is already getting results. As an example, he cited the results of the two rosters: in Call of Duty, the line-up was second in the Call of Duty World League Fort Worth tournament, and the League of Legends team was fourth in the regular season of 2019 LEC Spring Split making it to the playoffs.
The idea of such an interesting collaboration came from a military friend of the vice-president. They are certain that in the long term such interaction will help the gamers reduce stress better and even improve the team’s relationships.

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