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Hearthstone: How to get maximum free dust

In Hearthstone, every player can find something to suit their taste. It can be the atmosphere in an interactive field, enticing music, or the exciting process of creating the perfect deck that requires a special resource – dust.

In this article, you will learn what to do to get the most dust in 2020. The article will consider the principle of spraying cards, the possibility of obtaining dust by completing quests, as well as options for actions with certain cards.

Hearthstone dust guide: general information

In Hearthstone, the player can disenchant cards into dust, and with it instantly create any other cards.


You can get a different amount of a resource, depending on the rarity of the card:

  • common (white) cards – disenchanting for 5 dust, and created for 40 dust;
  • rare (blue) cards – disenchanting for 20 dust, and created for 100 dust;
  • epic (purple) cards – disenchanting for 100 dust, and created for 400 dust;
  • legendary (orange) cards – disenchanting for 400 dust, and created for 1600 dust.

If you want to create a special card for your deck, you will need to accumulate enough dust in Hearthstone, find a suitable card, and do some magic until you get the desired option.

Golden cards

With the help of dust, any card from the collection can be turned golden. It has a special, very beautiful design, and can serve as an indicator of success in front of your opponent. Besides, the images on the golden cards are animated, making your duels even more exciting.

Disenchanting golden cards gives you the following dust:

  • common golden cards – disenchanting for 50 dust, and created for 400 dust;
  • rare golden cards – disenchanting for 100 dust, and created for 800 dust;
  • epic golden cards – disenchanting for 400 dust, and created for 1600 dust;
  • legendary golden cards – disenchanting for 1600 dust and created for 3200 dust.

This way, you can dust off unnecessary cards, and the output is a valuable resource that can be used to create the cards you need.

Annual card rotation


Each year, Blizzard chooses some cards to be added to the Hall of Fame. This set of cards can only be played in Wild mode.

How to get dust hearthstone: what to do with your cards?

Cards that are taken out of standard game modes can be disenchanted using Blizzard compensation. Let’s take a look at several scenarios for mining dust during map rotation.

Crafting golden cards


For each golden card, you receive compensation for the cost of its crafting. That is, if you have a gold legendary card in stock, you will additionally receive 1600 dust back. For common cards, you can get +10 dust if you disenchant golden variants of cards. Let’s look at an example.

  • It costs -400 dust to create a gold common card. At the same time, during its disenchanting, you get +400 dust compensation, as well as +50 dust for spraying, and +5 for spraying a regular card.

With legendary cards, things are a little different. If you have a regular or gold legendary card, the dust received for disenchanting will be the same. This is how it works.

  • Disenchanting a regular legendary card: +1600 dust as compensation, + 400 for spraying itself. Total 2000 dust.
  • Disenchanting golden legendary card: +3200 compensation, +1600 for disenchanting, and +400 for disenchanting a regular card. Total 2000 dust.

That is, it makes no sense to turn your legendary cards into golden if you plan to disenchant them in the future. The amount of mined dust will be the same.

Hearthstone Hall of Fame dust guide


Disenchanting is the most popular way to get dust in the Hearthstone Hall of Fame. At the same time, it makes no sense to disenchant them right away, as soon as you realize that you will not use certain cards. That is, you need to keep all the cards in your hands until the next rotation when it becomes known for which cards you can receive compensation.

Besides, Blizzard sometimes downgrades card stats. At the same time, if you have a lot of those cards that have been nerfed, Blizzard promises full compensation for their cost.

At the same time, to keep all the cards in hands – also does not make much sense. Because when it comes to crafting, for example, gold cards, you simply cannot be in the presence of sufficient amounts of dust.

Free dust hearthstone: completing any quests


Quests in Hearthstone offer gold or random card packs as prizes. However, sometimes special events are held, for which you can get whole mountains of dust. These are unique quests and can only be completed once.

Getting dust in Arena

If you are an experienced player, you can easily get dust in the Arena. If you have just started playing Hearthstone, you will need to understand how this mode works, learn how to play correctly, and choose the right sets of cards. The rewards in the Arena can be pretty solid. If you win all 12 games, you can get tons of gold, card packs, and even gold cards. In the future, gold can be spent on buying packs of cards, which you can then wipe to dust.

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