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How To Change Zeroing Distance in PUBG

Bullet Behavior

It’s not a fucking secret to anyone ‒ a bullet doesn’t fly infinitely far. You can’t deceive physics and its laws draw a bullet to the ground. That’s why it’s difficult for many to shoot at long distances and people prefer close combat, not long-range one. And that’s why you are here to learn pubg increase zeroing.

Different scopes are configured also differently. For some, the optic crosshair is set to a target located 100 meters from the shooter, and for others, 300 meters from the shooter.

This means that if the target is 100 (for some scopes 300 meters) meters away from you, you must shoot at the crosshairs of the scope. If closer ‒ you need to slightly lower the crosshair, and if further ‒ you need to raise the crosshair over the target.


So how to change zeroing distance in battlegrounds? Some of us have the perfect eye ‒ these people are able to determine the distance in a matter of seconds. If you are one of such people, the following text is not for you 🙂

The distance can be determined by the map (approximately). For example, in the PUBG, the length of 1 side of the yellow square is one kilometer. When zoomed in, we’ll see white squares inside the yellow square. The length of the white square is 100 meters.

how to change zeroing distance pubg

What is Zeroing Distance PUBG?

PUBG scope zeroing makes your weapon shoot at a slight upward angle, making the bullets travel further in an arc. The zeroing distance, found at the bottom of your scope when aiming down sights, is the distance that you need to be from your target to hit it. Not all weapons in games support zero distance PUBG and you will have to turn up your scope and learn the sighting tables. 

how to change zeroing distance pubg

However, zeroing PUBG greatly facilitates your life. E.g. you have an Acog x4 sight ‒ this means that if you aim a target at a zero distance PUBG of 100 meters, you can safely shoot at the top of the “house”. I call the house a red inverted bird in the scope.

However, if the target is 300 meters away from you, you will have to lift a crosshair above the target. By setting the zeroing PUBG to 300 meters, you can fire at the target, aiming at the crosshair. 

So how to change zeroing distance battlegrounds? Typically, in games, zeroing is set using the PgUp / PgDown keys. I hope now the meaning of zeroing PUBG is clear to you and you understand how important it is for accurate shooting at any distance.

how to change zeroing distance pubg

Leading Your Target

But that is not all. In order to aim long distances, you must take into account not only the distance itself but also the fact that the enemy will not stand still. You must use the scope to “follow” him. So when you understand how he moves, you should put the sight in front.

Controlling Fire 

At large distances, the recoil of weapons will also be a problem. For some AK-47 rifles, the recoil is simply unrealistic. In order to reduce the loss of accuracy, it is better to set the shooting mode to single and shoot only when you have a good aim. So that’s it. Now go and do your pubg increase zeroing.

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