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How To Crouch Jump in PUBG

Many of you probably think that after the introduction of parkour in PUBG, jumping into the window in the squat became irrelevant. But this is far from the truth! It began to work a little differently. For some situations, knowledge of bind crouch jump can be very useful. In this article, you will learn how to use the window jump (crouch jump), its advantages over the parkour system and whether it is worth using at all. So let’s find out how to bind crouch jump in PUBG.

Let’s start!

First, I strongly recommend you to bind a separate button for vault and separately for a regular jump. This bind will be useful not only for this thing, but it will also exclude the possibility of using the action that we don’t need.

How To Crouch Jump in PUBG

Now let’s move on to the jump technique. The most important and difficult thing in this matter is to jump into the right timing. If you hit the jump too early, then your feet will collide and stay on the bottom of the wall. And if it’s too late, then your head will be stuck at the top. You can jump at any speed, whether from a sprint or from a place. If the jump is in the correct timing, then after it we will run into the window frame. Next, you just need to press the crouch button and lean out a little bit without jumping or just jump. The key to successfully completing this trick is simply to practice. The more often you repeat this movement, the better you will understand how to do it and the fewer mistakes you will perform.

So you should understand that not all windows fit this trick.

What else you need to know how to crouch jump in PUBG?

The key combination

Go on and open the settings menu.

how to crouch jump in pubg

Make sure to locate the controls section. Then scroll down to the controls for sprint, jump, and crouch. By default, spring should be bound to Left Shift, jump should be bound to Spacebar, and crouch should be bound to Left Control. 

how to crouch jump in pubg

From here, all you need to do is set some secondary controls for crouch jump. Add the Shift + Spacebar macro as the secondary input for both jump and crouch. 

how to crouch jump in pubg

Once you’ve changed these bindings, you can use crouch jump in any moment your heart desires!

Crouch Jumping Advantages

Now let’s see what advantages we will get by involving this thing into our gameplay. The first thing you should pay attention to is whether we get extra speed when doing this trick. When using this type of jump, our character doesn’t use the animation that is needed for vaulting. Therefore, the jumping speed is much higher.

The second advantage is that with such a jump we “fly” further. This is very useful when the zone soon overtakes you and you need to cover as much distance as possible in less time. Saving time and less unnecessary actions is one of the main things in PUBG that will help you win, or at least stay alive on the map as long as possible.

How To Crouch Jump in PUBG

The next advantage is that while you press vault and there is an animation of overcoming obstacles, you cannot use weapons. 

Remember how many times such a situation arose that you didn’t have time to kill the enemy simply because during the animation you couldn’t shoot. Yes, it’s only milliseconds, but they can cost you a game! 

The Most Important Advantage of Crouch Jumping in PUBG

Well, the last and most important advantage of such jumps. You can cancel the jump at any time and just jump onto the window frame. So you get a great place to shoot, which will be very unexpected for the enemy, especially if he is on your left or right side. Looking out of the window frame, you provide yourself with a good cover, a convenient shooting point, and two escape routes back to and from the house. In those glass windows, it doesn’t always break, if you don’t lean out much. It breaks only if you lean out more than half, or start shooting. It will also help take the enemy by surprise. In this way, we get a very cool tactical trick.

Additional tip for bind crouch jump in PUBG

To easily execute in every match you can use bind crouch jump. First you’ll need to press the windows key. Type “run” in the search bar. Afterwards type “app data“.


I strongly recommend you to learn such jumps, because often situations like this can happen where this skill will win you a fight, and maybe a game. 

The only drawback is that at first, this trick will often be unsuccessful due to errors in timing or button presses. But the more often you use it, the fewer failures will be and the more will be situations where you seamlessly use this skill to your advantage

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