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How to increase your MMR in Dota 2: Top tips from Purge

One of the best bloggers and reviewers of the top game Dota 2 Kevin “Purge” Godec helps players around the world to get better. His special development LearnDota on the Youtube channel is a collection of the best tools, both for beginners and experienced players how to increase MMR Dota 2.

Learn much interesting and new information about the nuances of the game from the Purge’s analysis of the patches and recorded videos.

Although his content involves training at the initial stage, messages from different users continue to come to the accounts of the famous guru Dota.

One of these was a message from Herald 6 about increasing his rating. Purge boldly shared it with the public. The answer of the master is addressed to the mid lane player, however, it takes into account many aspects that are useful to everybody.

Here are the secrets Kevin shared with Herald 6 and all of us:

General tips for increasing your MMR

Now what you need to do is to accept that you are the MMR that you are. It is very easy to see mistakes allies are making that you wouldn’t make and that makes you think you are better than players at your MMR. But in reality, you are also making mistakes that your allies might not make (but you don`t realize it). So what’s important is focusing on yourself because only you have control over your gameplay more or less.

You should understand that there will be «game ruiners» in every 3-4th game and low chance to win. Although such players can be in the opposite team. Many times when even people with the same MMR play on different levels. One game the opponent team will play much better, another one your will.

So if it’s 50% probability, how is it possible to increase your rating?

You must win when both teams are equal. Improve yourself every single game, remember all your mistakes from previous pubs, use lifehacks that your opponents used against you. Try to communicate with your team just to acknowledge them you are going to win.

Adhere to the role that you feel comfortable playing. Also, you should train 2-3 more heroes in a comfortable and suitable role for you. You should keep one or two more roles that you can play at any time. This can be useful if another player takes the role you want. So use 1-2 heroes convenient to you for an alternative role.

Review already completed games. Especially those games where you succeed. Analyze how you did it and then use your own lifehacks. Also, the revision is useful to the failure matches. Watch and know your serious errors and think about ways to prevent them in the future.

Tips for intermediate players for increasing your MMR

Pay attention to the lasthits on the 10-minute mark, especially if you are on easy or mid lane, if there are few of it and you see that it’s lower than 50, you have the risk of losing the game.

You must be ready to get every lasthit and not allow your opponent to have one in the middle lane.

If you don’t want to participate in teamfights and play on the side lanes with an advantage you have earned in the middle lane, you are not helping your allies to win an early game. These are our advice how to increase MMR in Dota 2.

Does your GPM show numbers like a professional player do?

One of the important tasks is to determine which items you start from. Do you follow item+skill builds that pro players do? It is necessary not to copy every skill/item build that you see in professional game. But to understand the purpose of it.

Dota 2 is very variable game and you must understand that there are no «only one best hero/build/play style». You couldn`t find the exact same matches, so you should be flexible. Follow current metagame, pick strong heroes, but be able to act as it is needed in that exact moment.

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