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How to check your behavior score in Dota 2

Ever wondered why you were constantly matched with garbage players who kept mentioning your mum? Well, you may not like the answer. Cos you are also a garbage player. Probably. Or just a very, very unlucky dude. There is a way how to check your behavior score in Dota 2. 

How to check your behavior score in Dota 2

Dota 2 collects a lot of information on its players. One of the characteristics it tracks is how kind or how to mean of a player known as the “behavior score.” The first time you hear about it? Don’t worry. You’re not the only guy who is clueless. Many suspect, though. Rumors about the hidden pool didn’t come out of anywhere. 

Behavior score in Dota 2 

The idea is pretty much obvious from the name. Dota 2 algorithms evaluate your in-game behavioral and label with a corresponding grade. The lower the rank, the more of a junk and douchebag you are. Or vice versa. Yeap, grades are not only for school, but you’ve also been secretly judged by your favorite game as well. Imagine Gaben sitting in his office and punishing toxic players with the lowest grade LOL. “That’s for my Momma!”

Jokes asides, the score evaluation is a mystery. Nobody knows for sure how it’s calculated. It might have something to do with commends and reports. But the idea with Gaben I like more. 

how to check behavior score in dota 2

If you are the nicest player of all, kind and sympathetic, helpful and polite, first of all, what’s your nickname, I want you to be in my party. And second, you will have the maximum possible behavior score of ten thousand. The score is used to pair you up with the people of approximately the same level. So if you’re a fluffy fluff, you’ll play with similar gentlemen and ladies. If you are a piece of shit, you’ll join a glorious pack of turd people.

Where to find and how to check your behavior score in Dota 2?

You need a little bit of magic and a lot of humility to accept your rating.

First, you need to enable the console. By default, it is off. To turn it on, do the following:

  1. Open your Steam Library
  2. Right-click on Dota 2
  3. Right-click on Properties
  4. Click Set Launch Options
  5. Type “-console” (without the quotations)
  6. Click OK

Congratulation, now you are steps away from being a pro player! (You wish it were so easy). Now as the console is up and running, you can use it to command the game and summon the hidden info! Hidden cos it is the only way to find your behavioral score. So, that’s what you should write in to reveal if you are an asshole or an angel:

  1. Start up Dota 2
  2. Open console (the default key for this is “\”)
  3. Type “developer 1” and press Enter
  4. Type “dota_game_account_debug”
  5. Look for “behavor_score: #####”
How to see behavior score in Dota 2

If you see “normal”, you’re in a good place. You are either A+, A, B+ or B. It only shows a grade if you are below B.

If your rating is something like C-, C, C+, D+, D, F, you’re gonna see “the scoring is normal”.

Now you have extra info on how to correct your game, so it gets more enjoyable for you and your teammates. Or fuck it all and go raging and having fun!

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