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How To Roll In Dota 2

Although Dota 2 is a very popular game worldwide and millions of people play it every day, there are many functions that not many know about and understand. One of them is Roll. It is a command, entering which the player receives a random number from 0 to 100. It does not influence the game itself. But you can use it for different goals:

When can you use the roll in Dota 2? 

1. Argue for the position. 

Sometimes there is a dispute about the lanes. At the beginning of the match, when two or more players choose an icon of the mid lane and do not know how to decide who will go there, they can initiate Roll. This is the easiest way to resolve the conflict. To resolve a dispute they can all use the command. And the player, who gets the highest number, wins and can go to the chosen lane. Accept defeat, if you lost your roll and do not try to take the lane in any way. It will be unfair and everybody in your team wants one thing – to win the game.

2.  To mock your enemy. 

You can advise your enemy to roll and make a joke of him.

Roll is not used in other cases, maybe just in mems. There are sometimes situations when a player says: ”If I get 100, I will leave the game”. And then he gets this number and really leaves the game. There are some proofs of such comic situations on the internet.

how to roll in dota 2

How to make Roll in Dota 2?

It is possible to make a roll with a command. You need to activate it in a general or team chat. You can do it the next way:

·    While in a match, you need to open a chat, using Shift+Enter

·    Enter “/roll”

·    After that you can get a random number

Take into account that the number can be more than 100 if you use “/roll 1-2000”. Any number can be received up to the indicated number. The above numbers are not taken into account.

how to roll in dota 2

How to win Roll in Dota 2

It is impossible to win Roll in Dota 2. It is not controlled by players. But there may be one cheating way, only in case you are playing with a careless person. You can write “/roll 100-100”. Only with this value, you can win. Take in mind, that this will work out only with the inattention of your teammate. This is the only possible way, and there are no others. 

how to roll in dota 2

How Flip in Dota 2

Here is a little additional tip for you. Whenever you want to go 1 on 1 with a player and decide literally anything, you can use the flip. Keep in mind, you can use it in the private lobby only. 

how to roll in dota 2

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