TWIFT | CS:GO | Interview with Magisk after 3d Major in a Row

Interview with Magisk after 3d Major in a Row

After another crushing victory of the Astralis team in a tournament called IEM Beijing 2019, the players agreed to answer questions at a press conference.

Questions were asked on the following topics: team victories, further actions, and team competition.

Emil “Magisk” Reif (formerly known as “Magiskb0Y”), a 21-year-old Danish player who joined the team in 2018, agreed to answer. To join Astralis, he improved his skill to the top level, which allows him to win tournaments. During his career, he won 10 big tournaments, and 9 in this team.

One of the questions to this significant player was: “You’ve said that joining Astralis is the best decision in your life and you’ve won so many tournaments, including three Majors with the whole team. Are there any more achievements you’re chasing right now or what’s your motivation? ”

The young genius answered that staying on top is definitely an achievement. So staying at the top is our goal now”.

According to the website, the Astralis team is the top 1 in the line of the best teams in the world and won such tournaments (majors) as IEM Beijing 2019, StarLadder Major Berlin 2019, BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019 and IEM Katowice 2019.

Well, Emil’s words ensure us that the motivation of the player and the whole team are real and high. Emil also made a statement on further plans. He said with a laugh that they are looking to win 4 majors in a row and make more history: “It’s gonna be difficult and as gla1ve said there’s a lot of new teams who are also winning the big tournaments”.

After his joining, Emil strongly boosted the team and brought fresh blood to their game. The player also added about the game errors and teamwork: “We’re taking one tournament at a time and just keep working hard.”

Now in CS, there is a lot of rivalry among such great teams as Faze, Evil genius, Team Liquid, Avangar, Fnatic and this is not the whole list. So the next year is expected to be fun. The young player commented on this situation, saying: “Staying on top is definitely going to be difficult because there are more teams actually competing at the top now”.

Summing up the results of past tournaments and this year, we can safely say that Astralis every time proves that they are a top-level team. So we wish good luck to Emil and his team in further victories in tournaments!

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