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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Remaster Coming May 14

On May 14, 2021, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the long-awaited updated version of the Mass Effect trilogy, will be released. We already know a lot about the upcoming update. 

The new trilogy is not a remake, but a remastered edition. The three games don’t have new content, and the ending of the third part doesn’t have any changes either. But the Legendary Edition contains some visual improvements, as well as additional enhancements for standardizing character creation in all three parts.

Mass Effect

The Mass Effect remastered news confirms that the games will be released on Xbox One and PS4 but will support backward compatibility with the nextgen consoles ‒ Xbox Series X and PS5. It is also reported that the games don’t support multiplayer and, unfortunately, there has been no word about AI boosting ​​for opponents. The trilogy reissue can also boast significant load time improvements, especially on nextgen consoles.

The Legendary Edition, like its predecessors, is based on Unreal Engine 3. At the same time, Bioware developers used AI upscaling to polish the textures. Artificial intelligence upscaling is currently gaining popularity among all video game developers, so we are not surprised that it was used in game remastering too.

Changes have also affected the character editor, with new hairstyles and styling. The first part of the game also received a UI update to match the rest of the trilogy.

Other changes include improved automatic aiming and improved control of the Mako and its weapon. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition supports 4K and HDR resolution at up to 60 frames per second. As for the PC version, it is compatible with controllers and 21:9 displays. All playable characters and vehicles have also been reworked. You can see Thane in two different versions below:

Mass Effect

All in all, the remastered edition of the Mass Effect trilogy looks very impressive. The developers are allowing players to plunge into the beloved sci-fi world once again. Bioware has done a tremendous job of creating multiple races and galaxy environments. Each of the represented races feels like a separate independent species.

Mass Effect trilogy is a game truly worth your time and the release of its updated versions will bring you joy if you’re a fan. You can also visit Reddit’s mass effect memes community for some fun while waiting for the game’s release. 

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