TWIFT | CS:GO | Mixwell Mostly Whines about His Back and “Accidentally” Leaks а New C9’s CS:GO Team

Mixwell Mostly Whines about His Back and “Accidentally” Leaks а New C9’s CS:GO Team

Mixwell Mostly Whines about His Back and “Accidentally” Leaks а New C9’s CS: GO Team

I hope you like leaks in the gaming world just as I do. But do you really care that much about the new C9 CS: GO team? Yeah, right, me too. Let’s talk about the former Cloud9’s CS: GO star Oscar “Mixwell” Cannellas’ back problems instead. Psst, these two things are totally… related.  

It all started with a “Happy New Year” post on Twitter by Mixwell. From its lengths, you can straight off realize that it was “unintentional”. The post has now been deleted, but I saved it specifically for you. The screenshot is a bit blurry, but all I can say that it is exactly as I wanted it, just as Mixwell’s post on Twitter was accidental. Anyway, it’s all there, so you can read it for yourself and go about your business. Or you can continue reading and find more dumb jokes, sarcasm and maybe even some useful information below.

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Mixwell’s back problems started in 2019 at the tender age of 24. Considering his line of work, there is nothing surprising about it. For most gamers, back problems wait until you are around 30 years old so that you won’t be able to recover from them completely. Sneaky bastards these problems, eh? 

The back problems went hard at him and even started to affect Mixwell’s game. Anyway, good for Oscar “Mixwell” Cannellas to identify these problems early and start working on fixing them. Fixing your back may seem impossible and require a lot of effort. But, if left unchecked, they really change a person’s life to much-much worse. I am just glad that Mixwell quickly realized that. To correct his posture, he started stretching training, but it was still difficult for him to spend all these insane hours in a gaming chair and keep his posture right at the same time. I can’t keep it serious for so long, so here you go:

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Oscar “Mixwell” Cannellas then realized that to keep his game straight and his CS: GO training going, he would have to do some serious physical training as well. He added 2 hours of walking and 1 hour of the gym to his training routine and it helped. But he didn’t stop with that. Mixwell also followed a diet, lost 10 kg and even started sleeping better. All in one, Mixwell entered 2020 being stronger and healthier than ever. For me personally, he is an example of a New Year resolution person. Every New Year, so many gamers around the world promise themselves that next year they will start exercising, lose some weight and get healthier. And it never happens. I am truly surprised that at least one of us managed to break this vicious cycle.

Now, let’s talk about the leak itself. It all started with Gen.G acquiring Mixwell’s most notorious team members: Tim “autimatic” Ta, Kenneth “koosta” Suen, and Damian “daps” Steele. Once they left, Cloud9  CS: GO was not the same with only one serious player ‒ Oscar “Mixwell” Cannellas. Once it was official, Cloud9’s head coach James “JamezIRL” Macaulay stated the following: “In terms of CS: GO right now, where that puts us in an opportunity to rebuild our team from new, so I’m really excited about.” Later, it was announced, we all expected that Cloud9 would build a new team around Mixwell. Another player Yassine “subroza” Taoufik joined the team for a bit. But the process of rebuilding the team never went past that point.

Once Mixwell left the team, it was not clear about Cloud9’s future, right until his Twitter post. ATK is quite hot right now, being at the top of NA Counter-Strike and occupying a top-eight place at the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals. Regarding ATK, Mixwell wrote in his post: “Cloud9 wanted me to stay and build something from scratch with me, but nowadays it is hard to form a team in North America with good players, and the ATK team was a good option for them.” 

Now, the new Cloud9 CSGO team line-up seems to be the following: Johnny “JT” Theodosiou, Ian “motm” Hardy, Joshua “oSee” Ohm, Ricky “floppy” Kemery, Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek, and coach Tiaan “T.c” Coertzen. I wish they kept Oscar “Mixwell” Cannellas in the new team as a veteran of previous battles as it is just sad to see buddies separated and top gunners replaced. Though I can understand Cloud9 in their wish to get an already working team with the previous record of successful appearances, instead of building one from scratch with or without Mixwell.

In the end, Mixwell turned out with no team, but also with no stress and back problems, so it looks like a win-win for him. Let’s wish him luck in his career, whatever path he may choose in 2020.

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