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Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough and Guide

If you liked Monument Valley from the start, you might be searching for some tips on passing certain levels. After all, the game is awesome, but sometimes too discombobulating. 

The Monument Valley 2 is a continuation of the first part, released in 2014. It brings us back to our favorite game universe full of puzzles, intrigues, and adventures. We have completed the game completely and will describe each of our actions step by step.

Walkthrough tips for Monument Valley 2

  • When you pass through a door, it is usually blocked by an additional wooden door. Therefore this way on the return is blocked. In most situations there will be no coming back to you, so focus on finding other doors.
monument valley
  • Remember that you will be constantly moving forward in the game. It is not only the path itself on the map but also the elevator towers. When going up and then down from them, you will find that the world has already changed, and this is a completely different place.
  • If during the puzzle some details stand sideways and you find it difficult to see them — no doubt, turn the device in your hands, it will be much easier.
  • Sometimes sound helps you a lot in the game. Sometimes when you move around the map you hear music, which means you’re on the right track.
monument valley
  • At the beginning of the game, there are places where you can let your child wait. If Ro stops moving and starts to wave, it’s probably a sign that she’s waiting for the baby. So watch for free space on the map and move the characters one by one so that they have enough empty blocks.
  • Once the level is passed, you will return to the main menu, where the next mission is already available.
  • Sometimes, when you send a character to a certain part of the map, it moves chaotically or cannot overcome some barrier. This is a great opportunity to see the whole route with your own eyes. Sometimes it is not easy to get to some places.
monument valley
  • Additional note: at the early levels the daughter Ro will move with her or imitate her movements when they are far away from each other. However, this will not always be the case!
  • Ro and her daughter move where you want by simply clicking on the screen. You can move them in small steps or send them to the other end of the map. Do not worry, there is no place in the game from which you cannot return if you want. If one door closes, the other one will open.
monument valley
  • In Monument Valley 2 there are square and round buttons, which are activated when a character or totem is above them. Sometimes they act as switches (they move or open something), and sometimes they only show their effect when the character is on them. For example, taking Ro, her daughter, and the totem pole as a basis, you have to leave someone alone on a button and go with another character to the elevator or light something, and so on.

Guide for all the chapters in Monument Valley 2

Chapter 7 (VII) THE TOWERS
Chapter 8 (VIII) APHELION:
Chapter 9 (IX) MEN-AN-TOL:
Chapter 11 (XI) THE LYCEUM:
Chapter 12 (XII) THE ORCHARD:
Chapter 14 (XIV) MIRADOR:

Will there be Monument Valley 3? 

Now that you know everything about Monument Valley 2, you may be wondering when will there be more obstacles to tackle. The release date isn’t scheduled yet, but Ustwo assures that apart from the latest sequel, there will be “many high-profile games,” sounding like the studio currently has plenty in the works. Ustwo is among the initial batch of developers that contribute to the forthcoming subscription service for Apple Arcade. 

So stay tuned for updates and enjoy the process of overcoming various obstacles. 


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