TWIFT | DOTA 2 | New Dota 2 Patch. 7.24 Most Important Changes

New Dota 2 Patch. 7.24 Most Important Changes

New Dota 2 Patch. 7.24 Most Important Changes

After DreamLeague Leipzig Major, Valve released a new Dota 2 patch 7.24. This patch was not expected, especially so quickly. It was released five minutes after the major finale. The Dota 2 update was quite large; it changed almost all the characters and items. Notably, neutral artifacts and the map have changed. Here is the 7.24 Dota 2 overview.

You can find out more about all innovations on the official Dota 2 update blog.

The most important patch changes:

Dota 2 Items

Now you may discover 4 neutral items of all ranks available for a team. But the supports should not be in a hurry to rejoice; now it is impossible to walk with 2-3 neutral items on the 15th minute.

They have also added a new neutral items slot. It is intended exclusively for neutral items. It’s comfortable but only 1 neutral item can remain active. Now you will need to choose which artifact is more important. You have to look for a fucking new button for this slot to use the item! I don’t know about you, but it pissed me off, for a long time I was looking for a convenient button on the keyboard. Shiii!

There are now only three slots in the backpack, initially, there were three, then expanded to four and now returned to three again. 

You will see a Neutral Item Stash on the fountain. There you can store neutral items. If you have a neutral artifact, you can immediately teleport it to the base in a stash. After that, any player will be able to pick it up. Now you do not need to run after each other throughout the map to take the desired item.

Ancients’ neutral drop rates are 3x higher.

Dota 2 Changes

Removed the shrines. Completely. Why were they added then?

Changed the location of outposts. Now they are in the main forests. On the one hand, it is convenient as they are much easier to defend but if your outpost is captured, then opponents can teleport to your forest. It is very difficult for support now to run through the forest and put wards. Enemy carry can teleport to your outpost and kill you. I think this is nonsense. This makes the defense of the base much harder.

The bounty runes have also been moved to the main forests. Now Off Lane often takes two runes. But on Easy Lane, on the contrary, they are usually lost.

Neutral items of the fifth tier can now be dropped after the 60th minute. So we will see them more often on the pro stage, as well as in the pubs.

All talents that increase gold per minute have been removed from the game; they have been replaced by other talents (some worthless, some worth considering). And this is again a kick to the support. In the last big patch, a huge number of changes were aimed at making the support game easier. Even if you don’t have money for your items, carry will give neutral artifacts to you after he doesn’t need them any longer. And even with zero net worth, you can be with 3-4 slots. Now you have only one item, there are no talents on the GPM, and even the enemy team can appear in your forest by pressing a teleport.

Phoenix Ash (Tier 5 item that provides you with all active runes) has been removed from the game. This is one of the factors due to which the Na`Vi has recently lost. Many analysts claim that the fact that the enemy team dropped this artifact influenced that Na`Vi left the tournament. Valve decided not to change this artifact, but simply remove it from the game.

Also, Valve has changed many items and heroes. These changes do not affect so much, so we will not dwell on them.

Void Spirit and Snapfire have been added to Captain’s Mode. These are two heroes who still do not have their effect from Aghanim Scepter. Many players still think that Snapfire is a little broken hero, and the Void Spirit is imbalanced like hell. It is impossible to imagine what will happen on the pro scene in this patch.

Also, the Courier can no longer plant wards at level 15 and use items at level 25. And again Valve removed what they had added recently.

And one more hit to supports. Now you can’t destroy wards with a Quelling Blade or tango! It will also increase mortality among supports who wanted to quickly deward the map. Melee attacks now have a bonus 150 range against Observer and Sentry Wards. And if the ward is on high ground, then any melee hero can break it.

It is hard to get used to Dota 2 changes in the last patch. So, just continue to play pubs and everything will be fucking OK.

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