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New Fortnite Zero Point

The entire last season of Fortnite has been a crossover with the Marvel Universe. The season has recently finished. We can say it is a unique epic event that completes one story arc and launches the next. The event once again showed mind-blowing results, with 15.3 million users logged into Fortnite to watch the season wrap up, while 3.4 million watched live streams on YouTube and Twitch.

We didn’t have to wait long for the banquet to continue: Epic Games has already presented the fifth season ‒ Epicenter. Fortnite’s Jones dives into a time loop ‒ the one where matches take place in the game. His task is to stop everyone who tries to get out of the loop. To do this, he collects the best hunters in all realities.The Zero Point is the central desert biome of the Season 15 map. And if earlier players went to Lush Palms for desert impressions, now only Zero Point is suitable for this purpose. Near this location, there are other novelties of the 15th season ‒ Colosseum, Towers, Warehouse.

zero point

In the center of the map there is now nothing but a giant crater called Epicenter and pink rocks, above which a strange cracked sphere hangs. Sand and broken cars are everywhere. A quite beautiful but dangerous place. By breaking stones in this area, you can get special crystals, using which you can dash forward. And if you gape in one place, then the sand will swallow you.

The fifth season again radically changes the map of the island, and also offers an ordering system with new in-game currency and additional weapons. As usual, new orders, guns, and “cosmetics” will appear during the season. Fresh skins include the Mandalorian (along with baby Yoda Grogu and Razor Blade!), Gladiator Maeve, Pancake in a Hat, and an anime girl with a comic-style look.


The Fortnite Season 5 map remains similar except for the middle and some new locations. The center area contains the title Zero Point in the unnamed POI. However, this is the main attraction this season. Fortilla, Stark Industries, and Doom’s Domain are no longer in the game. Four new POIs ‒ Salt Towers, Hunter’s Hideout, Hidden Fortress, and Colossal Colosseum ‒ have taken over some previously empty areas on the map. Pleasant Park also returns to Doctor Doom’s seat.

zero point

The Mandalorian

Zero Point is open, and the fifth season of the second chapter (season 15) has begun on Fortnite Island. Your task is to join the ancient hunters and fight in the ancient arena. Complete their tasks and orders to help the hunters get used to the new world or challenge them to a duel if you don’t want to negotiate.

zero point

Since hunters do not recognize anything but gold bars, you will have to complete special tasks and orders: you need to hunt other players or look for caches. You can spend ingots on new weapons, improvements, information, and a bunch of other things.

New weapon

Three new weapons have been added to Fortnite at once: the Dragon’s Breath shotgun, the Mandalorian Amban sniper rifle (from which you can not only shoot, but also use in close combat), and the Night Hawk tracking device. Besides, the developers will add new weapons to the game during the season.

zero point

Right now, players, along with the greatest hunters, can help Agent Jones to prevent anyone from escaping from the loop. The fifth season added new areas from other worlds to the map, additional weapons, and a special currency ‒ ingots (you can get it through tasks, orders, and caches hidden on the island).

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Ingots are needed to get equipment and guns. A new battle pass was introduced, which opens access to cool skins, for example, with the help of skins we can turn into the Mandalorian, Pancake, Lexa, and other heroes.

New Mechanic  Hiring

Fortnite players have the option to team up or fight with non-player characters (NPCs) on the map. In any case, it looks like there is something for the players when they interact with these characters.

As a Hunter, you have to help the characters of the island in their volatile new reality. Complete their quests and rewards, collect information about your surroundings, or hire them as allies. Don’t want to negotiate? Challenge them to a duel and reap the benefits.

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