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New Lame Twitch Rules

One of the most pressing problems of the Twitch streaming platform is user bans for almost any reason. Moderators interpret the rules of the site too freely, which is why the number of blockings for forbidden words has recently increased.

Streaming platform Twitch will ban streamers and commentators from calling each other three popular insults, and gamers are outright angry. Even “virgin” is banned.

Twitch Rules

The streaming service Twitch has a reputation as a highly moderated platform, and social media users often criticize the platform for what they believe to be unfair sanctions against commentators and streamers. This was when the service banned the guy for being naked (which turned out to be an innocent scene), suspended access to the streamer’s account ‒ the moderators confused her remark with a racist expression.

It seems that in the new year, the service will become the center of discussions due to blocking more than once, because, from January 22, the rules will come into force, making changes to Twitch’s harassment policy. Among other innovations, the service will prohibit commentators and streamers from insulting each other using the words “virgin”, “simp”, “incel”.

The meaning of the first word does not need to be explained. Simp is a relatively new noun in English that has a negative connotation. They are usually called guys and men, thirsty and seeking female attention and approval. The Incels (usually men) are representatives of the movement of the same name who face the inability to find a sexual partner and, as a rule, blame women for this and advocate the availability of sex for such people (for example, using coupons). Like the ones listed above, this word is also often used as an insult ‒ mostly to guys who are not successful with the opposite sex.

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“We will guard against the use of terms like “sim”, “incel” or “virgin” mainly when they are used to speak negatively about another person’s sex life. The use of these terms alone will not result in action, but we will intervene if these words are used repeatedly and in a manner of harassment,” explained a Twitch spokesman.

The use of these terms is prohibited “when they are used to negatively perceive a person’s sexual practices,” said Twitch COO Sarah Clemens. Use “in a friendly manner” is not prohibited.

Expanding the banned words list is part of Twitch’s policy to tighten its moderation. In June, the platform was accused of insufficient moderation due to allegations of sexual harassment by streamers and complaints of hate speech. Shortly thereafter, Twitch banned some users for life.

Twitch’s new rule has caused a wave of outrage among top streamers. They began joking that they would no longer be able to communicate normally with viewers, so they would be forced to broadcast without sound. Others urged Twitch to tackle more important issues. For example, regulate the music copyright situation.

Besides, I want to remind you about other rules of this platform, which do not include pronunciation of words like ni**er or other.

1. Broadcast gameplay with cheats.

2. Stream alpha and beta versions of games before their official release.

3. Violation of laws while streaming.

4. Blocking bypass. If you are banned on Twitch, then creating a second account will be a violation. As soon as the administration finds out that the account belongs to the banned user, it will be closed.

5. The appearance on the stream of a person whose account is blocked. If you call in discord with a streamer that is blocked during the broadcast, do not be surprised if your channel arrives the next day.

6. Aggressive behavior towards yourself. The most striking example is a stream with alcohol. Drinking on broadcasts is possible but within reason. If you will fall asleep due to alcohol on the stream, the administration will have a reason to ban you.

7. Use of firearms.

8. Threats to physically harm another person. Everything is simple here. There is no need to talk about how you would kick the face in real life of your opponent in Dota 2 or anyone else.

9. Disclosure of personal information about the owner without his permission. Calling the phone number or place of residence of another streamer, you run the risk of getting banned. Broadcasts from non-public places are also suitable for this article. One of the most notorious examples is the ban of Dr. Disrespect, who went into the toilet during a stream and filmed people in it.

Twitch Rules

10. You cannot broadcast content to which you do not have rights. Everything is confusing here. The point is that for broadcasting a movie or playing a song, they are banned only if the copyright holder sends a complaint. However, there have already been such cases. The popular CIS streamer Alohadance was banned for the song of Maroon 5 “Girls Like You”. Such DMCA bans are the longest and it is not an easy task to appeal against them without serious connections.

11. Sexual content may not be shown on the stream. The only exception is nudity in video games. Frank scenes from The Witcher 3 will not lead to a ban.

Twitch Rules

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