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Now it’s Dota 3: What You Need to Know about the 7.23 Update

Dota 2 recently released patch 7.23. Everyone was waiting for it for a very long time and was already tired of watching the same heroes in the pro games and pubs. Announced at the International two new heroes also had to dilute the routine in DotA. 

Dota 2

Finally, it happened. Patch 7.23 has been released and brought so many changes that many gamers thought it was some kind of a joke. Many players, and also me call the game ‘DotA 3’ now. You can’t call it differently, believe me.

There was a very strong resonance in the DotA community. Many players and media personalities were outraged and disappointed. Firstly, there were too many changes, especially considering that immediately after the patch qualifications for minor were supposed to pass. It made more complicated the game for both professional teams and ordinary guys. What is most interesting, perhaps, this was the reason that PSG LGD lost open qualifications from a non-professional team. It was very unexpected for fans from all over the world. One of the strongest teams in the world is losing to opponents of such a level. It is unlikely that the reason for this may be something other than a patch.

So let’s go directly to the patch 7.23

After its release, I didn’t want to write about it. I perfectly understood that after such a global patch there would be many improvements and changes. So I didn’t want to evaluate something without playing enough time. Well, I waited a while and now I can roughly estimate whether I like it or not. Opinions even after so many fixes differ. 

On the one hand, the last patch was too long. For me, an ordinary Devine 5 player, Dota turned into a boring routine. Similar heroes appeared in the pub. Almost nothing has changed from game to game. It became very annoying. Therefore, the news of the new patch made me happy. Nobody expected such global changes. The game has changed dramatically and jokes about ‘DotA 3’ didn’t seem like a joke at all.

Dota 2

Listing all the changes makes no sense. You can go to the DotA official website and see everything there. I will only write briefly about what is most noticeable.

Of course, the first thing that attracts your attention is two new heroes. Expected Void Spirit and Snapfire. Players have to learn the specific role and item build. It is clear that the spirit goes to the core position. The snapfire is always different, but more often 4 or 5. New heroes are always good. Often it happened that new characters were imbalanced. But for now, I think they are quite interesting and you can’t name them imbas. It is difficult to play against them, but because not everyone knows the mechanics of the abilities of these characters. After the main patch, they were slightly changed, so it is quite possible to play with and against them.

The modifications in the game 

The map has been changed and the landscape has been redesigned very much. And that immediately became apparent a lot of large areas. They changed a lot of approaches to the highground, moved Roshan and made a huge terrain in front of him. In general, the map has become a little larger and you need to get used to it. This also led to the fact that now warding has changed a lot. Supports need to come up with new interesting places forwards. Wait a minute!

Wards, as well as couriers, became free. What’s more, each player has his own courier now! Many players have been waiting for this for a long time and it finally happened. This, as well as some other innovations, are aimed at making life easier for supports. Now you don’t need to buy wards by yourself and go put them. On the contrary, it is now much easier for the mid-player or carry to buy one ward and put it where they need it. Developers also changed the courier system a bit. They cut the initial speed very much. Now the courier raises its level with the character! The growth of passive gold also depends on the courier.  At the 5th level, it becomes flying. Its speed and a little gpm are increasing, as level increases. As a result, it will be able to place wards, use items, has acceleration and invulnerability on 25 lvl and higher. If the courier is killed, passive gold is off.

Dota 2

At the beginning of the game, three scrolls of teleportation are given, which is also very nice to the supports. The last few patches (it was easy to notice) make the game simpler for supports. And the further the game, the fewer differences between core and support positions are.

Now, characters have a maximum 30 level. When you achieve it, player receives talents from both branches automatically. Now the late game has become much more interesting!

Over 60 new items have been added. Neutral… In the forest now starting from the 7th minute, you can knock out neutral items. There are several categories, you can get 3 items of each category. They are not super strong and very quickly become useless. Therefore, cores often give away unnecessary items to supports. Remember what I said about making it easier for them to play? It’s all about the same.

Dota 2

They also removed the side shops, completely. Now, instead of them, there are outposts that need to be captured from the 10th minute, which give experience to the whole team, vision and the possibility of teleportation.

Dota 2

They also expanded the backpack a bit, now there are 4 additional slots instead of 3. 

Well, they have changed almost all heroes. Some innovations completely change the character, in some cases even rearranging the character to a completely different role. For example, a lifestealer on the 4th position. See it on your own, it’s a funny thing.

I will not describe all the changes of characters, I’m too lazy for it. Just go and read it on officials.

Well, guys, I liked the patch. The game was changed, new heroes were brought to the stage. Developers also simplified the life of the supports, there are not so many players in this position and their life is complicated. As a 4th position player, I’m very happy about this. 

I don’t understand the complaints of those who first ached about the fact that the patch hasn’t been fixed for a long time and is tired of everything, and now complains that there are too many changes. Yes, this will take a very long time to get used to. Some mechanics require refinement or just look very weird, not in the style of DotA at all. But overall, it adds variety to your favorite game and that’s great!

To experience to the fullest what the new DotA looks like, there is nothing better than just play it. And that’s exactly what you should do today, guys, it’s worth it!

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