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How to Make Paper In Minecraft

Though many say that making paper in Minecraft is hard, it’s actually really simple. There is also another way to obtain paper and it is by opening chests all around the world. The spawn rate, however, is not high, so crafting paper is not only easier but also more satisfying when you do all the work yourself. 

Why Would You Need Minecraft Paper? 

It is used in quite a few papers Minecraft recipes to make creative and, at the same time, useful items, including a cartography table and maps, books, banner patterns, and fireworks. All these items will become available to you once you’ve mastered growing the raw material and making Minecraft paper.

The Minecraft Paper Recipe

Before crafting paper, you need to get a crafting table. To create a crafting table, first, you will have to become a lumberjack for a bit. If you got so far, you know your way around an axe and а pickaxe. You will need to cut some wood and get four wooden planks. Once the table is done, just place it on the ground and you are ready to craft anything you want, including paper and other items made from paper.

Paper in Minecraft is crafted from sugar canes and sugar canes grow near water. Just walk around the place, find a lake or a river and you will find sugar canes there. Just harvest them. You will need at least three sugar canes to get three pieces of paper.

Minecraft Sugar: How To Make Paper

Please note that sugar canes are not infinite in Minecraft and to have more material for making paper, you will have to start growing them yourself. It is quite possible that, once you cut all sugar canes on your map, no more will regrow. So just to be on the safe side, after you found sugar canes, make a small or a big farm and use only the ones you grow there. This way you will literally have an indefinite supply of paper in Minecraft. That’s how do you make paper in Minecraft!

So now, you just have to open your crafting menu, place three sugar canes in a row and grab three pieces of paper, moving them to your inventory. Now you know how to make a paper in Minecraft and this is the best recipe for making paper in Minecraft. Pretty simple, right? 

Now you can do all the amazing stuff with this material. For instance, you can create an Asian-themed paper lantern with a specific banner pattern and color of your choice. This lantern can be a great addition to your oriental-style home. And once again, the game Minecraft gives you almost unlimited ways to be creative and crafty, even with paper.

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