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PUBG Mobile Guide: Recoil control

PUBG mobile still has the hearts of many players. Like in every game, PUBG can give some challenging times especially with the unique recoil for every weapon. In this article, you’ll find the exact settings, which will allow you to lower the recoil to almost zero! Let’s go one step at a time. 


Weapon experience and recoil pattern 

Recoil is the movement of the weapon. When you shoot it can move upwards or downwards. It can also move left or right. Taking into account the fact that every weapon on PUBG Mobile has its unique recoil pattern, you should concur weapons one at a time. 

With time, you’ll surely get the hang of it. For a start, you can just try out the weapon on a wall or a plane target. Just to feel it and see how the bullet’s patterns on the wall. This way, when you catch the pattern, you aim to resolve this. Meaning, if your gun shoots a bit higher than you expect, aim a bit lower. By doing this, you should come to the moment where there will be no pattern at all, just smooth shots. 

Basic settings for a better PUBG gameplay 

Aim Assist

Remember that you can use the Aim Assist, which is an assistive technology in PUBG mobile. If you aim your crosshairs towards a target, the game will automatically assist you. It’s a kind of autofocus for cameras, only for weapons.


Blocked Sight Warning

This one allows you to catch the best moment for scoping. 


Peek & Fire

Enables you to peek and have a better observation, before attacking. 


Peek & Open Scope

When you enable this feature, your scope will automatically open when you peek. How convenient is this? No more manual pressing of the scope. 


Tapping for firing modes 

The Tap option allows you to shoot instantly. While the Release allows you to shoot only once, you tap and then release the trigger. Here it depends on your way of feeling your fingers and reaction. 


Another thing about the fire mode is that you should change them depending on the weapon you use, and this is important. 

You can choose from two fire modes, apart from the automatic one. Single fire and Burst mode. The single-shot eliminates recoil, giving very accurate taps. This is especially good for hitting those perfect head-shots. 

Take your time and try using both in a similar situation, this way you’ll get the best perspective. 

Sensitivity and camera settings

Try changing your camera speed. This little easy, but the efficient move will allow you to aid in recoil control. 


Additional tricks for better recoil control 

Crouch to shoot 


This is not an everyday technique. Keep in mind that when you crouch, you are an easy target, as your movements are restricted and your reactions will be slower. You can try this one while engaging enemies from a mid to long-range distance.

But at the end of the day, this trick reduces the recoil and makes the weapon more accurate. 

The bottom line is that you should try different techniques and various settings. If the settings do good work for one person, it doesn’t mean they fit everybody. Develop your perfect settings for minimal recoil. 

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