TWIFT | Lifestyle | This 420 Tour of LA Takes You to A-list Celebs’ Favorite Cannabis Dispensary

This 420 Tour of LA Takes You to A-list Celebs’ Favorite Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis in Los Angeles: Legal Weed for Fun

Traveling to Los Angeles cannot be boring, it’s not only a beautiful and exciting city but also a chance to try drugs. Find the best spot with cannabis in LA!  

Since cannabis was legalized in LA, it faced a high demand. It would seem that in California there are no more people who can live without a laughing portion of weed.

Any kind of weed: try everything to satisfy your client 

Cannabis culture is growing rapidly by promoting more PR campaigns every day. 

If people control their behavior and do not consume more than the norm, they feel okay. It turns out that it’s even useful to relax sometimes. The main thing is to click the “stop” button before it is not too late cause an overdose is not what you want. Otherwise, it may end with an attempt to call on fucking Jesus.

LA weed sellers have come up with various ways to sell quality dope in a beautiful wrapper. For example, hotels in the US offer their guests cannabis products. 

Many cafes also have wonderful weed. Only in some thematic cafes with a license to sell weed you can smoke and eat magical products, but only within certain norms to keep a person alive.

So in the US life is simple: get a license, sell drugs, make a profit and have fun. In this case, you’re no longer a drug dealer, but a legitimate seller of happiness.

finger willy christmas

Finger Willy’s Opinion: When the whole world will realize the importance of legalize? It fucking help people! It fucking help economics! Follow California, bitches!

Hollywood 420 Tour: get a bonus from a travel company in Los Angeles

The American company jumped above its head and came up with a unique Hollywood 420 Tour. It provides a tour to the best place of cannabis production. The dispensary is located in a city filled with celebrity houses.

During the Hollywood 420 Tour, a guest can get high and smoke though not cannabis, eat a delicious magical candy that will transfer you to another world and see famous people.  The organizers prohibit the use of drugs during the trip to protect the tourists and not to turn a fun party into absurdity or their own wake.

The Hollywood 420 Tour is a two-hour drive through starry locations. The hosting begins in colorful Hollywood. Weed lovers will drive past starry houses and significant historical places.

The dispensary is the best choice for A-List celebrities. We look at famous Hollywood people. What do we see? It seems like they haven’t died of weed yet! What does it mean?  You need to go on this fucking weird tour! 

The highlight of the tour is not only the rest itself, but this trip is also informative. Well, informative smoking sounds not bad. Conscience is clear because you both relax and improve yourself. Hollywood 420 Tour guests listen to how medical cannabis can help our health. Also, they can pick up herbariums and buy some interesting souvenirs.

Travel Rules For Hollywood 420 Tour Guests:

  1. Here are welcome those over 21 years old.
  1. The prohibition of using drugs while traveling.
  1. Arrive at the point in half an hour.
  1. Don’t forget to check-in.

A ticket cost to an exciting weed journey is up to $100.

Entertainments like 420 Tour have become the norm for California since the legalization of marijuana use for entertainment purposes on January 1, 2019. So residents over 21 years old can open new horizons. Well, leaving the comfort zone is no longer scary. The main thing is not to catch an overdose.  Residents over 21 years old can legally store 28 grams of cannabis in one ounce and grow up to 6 cannabis plants at home.

Now, marijuana is legalized in six US states – Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, and California. Only imagine, every fifth American can buy this drug legally.

Despite this, US federal authorities still perceive marijuana as a prohibited drug and put it in one row with heroin and cocaine. So have fun, but don’t forget that the keen police eye watches how much and with whom you smoke weed.

And for dessert, where you can find weed in California

The first cannabis cafe opened in California this fall. You can try cannabis dishes and relax in a special smoking area. It would be even more perfect to enjoy strippers there. The only “but”: Lowell Farms will not sell alcohol in a cannabis cafe, US law has banned the use of cannabis and alcohol in one place.

A Cannabis Cafe is the first restaurant that prefers weed cuisine. In West Hollywood, more than 350 applicants tried to get a license, but the first one was issued to Lowell Farms. In the US it’s planned to issue 7 more licenses. Let’s wait for a plague of cannabis!

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