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Scandalous Comment of Marco Van Basten

Dutch Marco Van Basten, the legendary football player of Ajax, Milano and the Netherlands national team, who is the FIFA 20 technical director now, got into a scandalous story. He had to apologize for Nazi statements on the Fox Sports TV channel. Soon, FIFA 20 removed the cards of this player from the game.

Before the start of the 13 rounds` match in the championship between Ajax and Heracles (4-1), a journalist interviewed Heracles` coach Frank Wormuth.

During the broadcast, Marco wanted to make a harmless joke in the studio, everybody heard «Sieg Heil», which means “Hello, victory” — Nazi salutation during the Second World War.

The community condemned the Nazi salute. After the interview, the football legend realized his mistake, immediately apologized and assured that it was an unfortunate joke about which he regrets.

“I didn’t want to shock people, I just wanted to laugh at the German language of the correspondent. I apologize,” — said Marco van Basten.


The Dutchman was one of the best forwards in the history of football. Also, the 55-year-old Marco Van Basten won the Golden Ball three times in 1988, 1989, 1992. Unfortunately, the injury stopped the scoring machine and he announced his decision to end the career.

EA Sports reacted to the scandal around the player:

— We know about the words of Marco van Basten. We adhere to the principles of equality and diversity so we expect them to be respected in our game. Therefore, from now and until the appropriate notice, the Idol card of Marco van Basten is excluded from the sets, IPC and the FUT Draft. 

Players who already have this card are happy. Cards` price increased rapidly for more than two times. Developers have only removed it from the shop, but I expect that all cards of this player will be destroyed, and the game could just compensate FUT coins to gamers.

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