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The 11 Best FIFA 20 Free Agents to Sign on Career Mode

UPD on 26/05/2020. Be sure to check an additional list of players worth signing up in FIFA 2020 Career Mode

How do I sign a free agent?

To buy a free agent in FIFA 2020 is easier than you think. You just need to go to Transfers . There you add the filter Free Agents and you are ready to sign one. Who exactly do you need? Check the full list of free agents below.

What’s the difference between a Contract Expiry signing and a Free Agent?

There are a couple of differences. For example the Contract Expiry signing can be done only with players who are in their final six months of contract. While the Free Agent can be instantly signed. Another thing, is that for the Contract Expiry signing you won’t need to pay a transfer fee. You’ll just need to negotiate the wage, contract length and the role of the player.

When will the player join my club?

The Contract expiry signing can join your team not earlier than the 1st of January. That’s why 1st of January is the best time for Contract expiry signing.

How to choose the best free agent?

If you want to win, you need good players in a team, it’s not rocket science. You also need yourself not to suck at FIFA, but it’s not the point of this discussion. Winning-material players usually cost a shitton of money and you are as broke as a joke if got hooked by the title. But! There’s an option. Even two, in fact ‒ how to get free transfers in FIFA 20’s Career Mode.

The first one is to go to the Free Agents list and choose the best of the worst. We all know that this list is unlikely to let you sign in top-notch players: it includes characters with a rating of 68 or below with the majority proving surplus to requirements for high-rated sides. Anyway, there is a pool to choose from and some of these guys are also on our list.

The second one is the very reason this article appeared. Two words: pre-contract agreements. Got it? There is a small loophole that allows you to grab a player who’s got an expiring contract from January 1st in Career Mode. The real treat is the selection of players: you can expect to see real super-duper football stars there. So here are top 11 FIFA 20 free transfers you can take advantage of in your first season in the dugout.

What players to choose

1. Walter Benítez (GK, OGC Nice)

fifa transfers fifa 15 expiring contracts fifa best 11 fifa top 11

You wouldn’t call OGC Nice’s Walter Benítez, with eighty points on his profile, the highest-rated keeper on the list. There are players with a higher rating available to grab on a pre-contract. But! He made it to our list of top 11 free transfers as a long-term investment. The 26-year-old Argentinian player has all the potential to catch up with Casillas (38), Emiliano Viviano (33), and Adán (32). Let’s be honest, those three are on the edge of being called veterans and you won’t expect them to nail every game during the latter stages of their careers. And our guy is there to bring you the victory.

2. Sergio Ramos (CB, Real Madrid)

fifa transfers fifa 15 expiring contracts fifa best 11 fifa top 11

Well, I mean, it’s Sergio Ramos. Spain and Real Madrid captain. Rated eighty-eight. Need more arguments to get him to join your team? You might argue about his age, as Ramos is among the oldest center-backs available being 33 years old. But boi, oh, boi, it means nothing when we talk about this talent. He’s not only on our FIFA best 11 list, but he’s also on the best of all players list. But quality comes at a price. Currently, his weekly wage for Los Blancos is fucking £260k. If you have this money, don’t hesitate and get yourself a superstar in a team.

3. Giorgio Chiellini (CB, Piemonte Calcio)

fifa transfers fifa 15 expiring contracts fifa best 11 fifa top 11

The living legend of Italy; the Juventus, or Piemonte Calcio as they’re known in FIFA 20, captain; the center-back you want to see on your side. 34-year-old Giorgio Chiellini has an impressive overall rating of 89 points. Looking into detail will amaze you even more, as his defensive stats are unbelievable: 94 for defensive awareness, for example. How do you like that? But again, it’s not cheap to have him in your team. You should expect to lay out £120k-195k per week to sign him.

4. Toby Alderweireld (CB, Spurs)

fifa transfers fifa 15 expiring contracts fifa best 11 fifa top 11

Two more options for center-backs you can grab on a pre-contract, both being from Tottenham: Toby Alderweireld, aged 30, and Jan Vertonghen, aged 32. Both of them share 87 points on the initial overall rating. Another possible pick is Thiago Silva from Paris Saint Germain. He is also rated 87, but he is the oldest of all three, being 34 years old. So you better think twice signing him, especially having two Spurs players as alternatives. All in all, you’re playing Career, so think ahead choosing your center-back for this season’s FIFA transfer.

5. Alex Sandro (LB, Piemonte Calcio)

fifa transfers fifa 15 expiring contracts fifa best 11 fifa top 11

Alex Sandro from Piemonte Calcio has made it in the list of our top picks as the best left-back. No extra words, let the numbers show it all. Overall rating: 85. Stamina: 91. Sprint speed: 85. Reactions: 84. Are you turned on yet? I’m definitely yes. The only thing that might stop you is his wage, which is about £135k per week. But man, he’s worth every penny. Let him on the pitch and you don’t need to worry about your left side collapsing under the pressure.

6. Fernandinho (CDM, Man City)

fifa transfers fifa 15 expiring contracts fifa best 11 fifa top 11

A central defensive midfielder from Man City is an asset to every team. 34-year-old Fernandinho like no one else can cover your back dancing in the middle of the field. His initial stats read as 86 overall, 89 interceptions, 89 reactions, and 87 defensive awareness. Fernandinho is so good, you might even want to go wild and pay £15.6m-£21.7m in Career Mode to have him by your side. If you’re too broke to think of it, wait for the chance to sign him in for mere £200k-280k per week. It’s a bargain!

7. Luka Modrić (CM, Real Madrid)

fifa transfers fifa 15 expiring contracts fifa best 11 fifa top 11

Luka Modrić. If you have to choose one player of the FIFA top 11 transfers, that must be him. The 33-year-old center-midfielder from Real Madrid has an initial overall rating of 90 in FIFA 20. And that’s, my friend, one of the best rating among midfielders in the entire fucking game! But get ready to bargain, talk sweet and blackmail his agent cos you can imagine how much everyone wants to sign Luka.

8. Christian Eriksen (CM/CAM, Spurs)

fifa transfers fifa 15 expiring contracts fifa best 11 fifa top 11

If you want a CAM, you want Christian Eriksen from Spurs. Among others on this list, he is the player with the biggest potential (hehe, potential). The 27-year-old Danish central-attacking midfielder today has an overall rating of 88. But I can bet, it will grow up to 89 if not higher. Telling you, this guy’s a long-term investment. But to make it work you do need to invest. His presence in your team will run into bucks: £200k-300k per week. In any case, he’s one of the top CAMs in FIFA 20.

9. David Silva (CM/CAM, Man City)

fifa transfers fifa 15 expiring contracts fifa best 11 fifa top 11

One more Man City representative on our top 11 transfers: David Silva. Just like Eriksen, 33-year-old Silva can take the position in center-midfield or as a central-attacking midfielder. And just like Eriksen, he is a golden boy and you’ll have to spend a coin to get him. Weekly wage will be around £240k-370k. And you will be paying for 87 overall rating, 92 ball control, 92 short passing, and 92 composure. And the name. But you know, it’s the Silva!

10. Edinson Cavani (ST, PSG)

fifa transfers fifa 15 expiring contracts fifa best 11 fifa top 11

Looking for a decent striker? We’ve got better to offer! One more PSG’s player, 32-year-old Edinson Cavani. With 88 points of the initial overall, he is the highest-ranked striker on this list. He is fucking amazing in the air and he is mindblowing with his feet. Just look at these stats: 90 in volleys, 89 headings, and 88 finishing. The real skill, and the real deal. If you are ready to pay £170k-270k in wages in the first season.

11. Dries Mertens (ST, Napoli)

fifa transfers fifa 15 expiring contracts fifa best 11 fifa top 11

Another guy to score the goal: Napoli’s Dries Mertens. A 32-year-old striker is showing off 94 agility and 93 acceleration (no fucking way anyone will get close to him on the field in these metrics) and 86 overall. Want him in your squad? You’ve got to find about £150k-250k every week to afford him in FIFA 20’s Career Mode. 

And as promised, here you also have FIFA 20 Career Mode day-one Free Agents with the highest potential

GK: R. Cordano (Potential = 76)

RB: E. Saavedra (Potential = 71)

CB: A. Mansour (Potential = 72)

CB: L. Väisänen (Potential = 76)

LB: R. Fernández (Potential = 74)

CDM: J. Pretell (Potential = 77)

CM: S. Slavchev (Potential = 71)

RM: R. Vaca (Potential = 80)

CAM: S. Szymański (Potential = 84)

ST: L. Zahović (Potential = 75)

ST: L. Vaca (Potential = 73)

But that’s not all. Here is a list of players to sign up as a free agents in FIFA 20 Career Mode that are worth consideration

E Schetino27CB8282
J Sildero27CAM, RM8282
J Frendado35CB, CDM8181
S Mandiquez30ST8181
S Ardero31CAM, LM, LW8181
L Dalves27ST, CF8181
J Serendero31GK8080
M Baldona35CDM, CM8080
M Nerez31LB, LM8080
A Lunev27GK7981
D Lenzado31CB, LB7979
E Riquero31CDM, CM, CAM7979
L Sareda27GK7979
E Aguerro31ST7979
A Dzyuba30ST7979
E Guichon31LB, LM7878
G Quintana35RB, RM7878
F Contendo35CAM, CF7878
H Moreno31CB7878
W Barrios25CDM, CM7883
J Monsario34CB7777
L Baezo31CDM7777
A Piriz31CAM, CF7777
S Luna31RB, RM, CM7777
V Castro27CDM, CM7777
D Kuzyaev26CM, CDM, RM7780
M Berg32ST, CF7777
I Popov31CAM, ST7676
A Zamorado38LM7676
A Aguilmera33CB7676
K Berlaso31RB7676
Y Zhirkov35LB, LM7676
G Ichazo27CB, RB, LB7676
M Fagundez35CDM7676
A Vera31ST, CF7676
B Dzsudzsak32LM, RM7676
H Perez30RM, LM7676
V Claeson27CAM, CM, LM7677
Y Osorio25CB7682
W Bony30ST7575
Y Gazinsky29CDM, CM7575
O Cardozo36ST7575
P Vaquizo33RW, RM7575
P Darenas35GK7575
M Borjan31GK7575
M Mevlja29CB7576
T Hlatshwayo29CB, RB,7475
K Olsson24CM7479
C Njie25ST, LW7476
J Santigaro33GK7474
T Sainsbury27CB7475
A Semenov30CB7474
S Vilakazi29CAM, CF, CM7474
M Degenek25CB, CDM7481
T Serero29CM, CDM7474
B Jokic33LWB, LB, CB7474
CR = Current Rating
PR = Potential Rating
*Ages shown are the age at the start of Career Mode.

Not, that is all I wanted to say about FIFA top picks for free transfers. Except for two more thongs. First make sure you do it right! We’re trying here to help you kick computer players’ asses so go and prove we didn’t make this list for anything. Second, you should be already looking forward FIFA 2021. There’ll be a lot of new features like the updated FIFA 21 Ultimate team. More locations, more customisation!

Until the FIFA 21 release, make us proud, buy free agents the right way. Play football. Sleep well.

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