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10 Sexiest Women on TV: the Hottest List

Caution, this article can be so hot that you may get burned. Stock up on a burn cream or lube so that everything goes cool and safe. For years, women and men watching television fall in love with the main characters of series, films, and porn films. Today we made the top sexy tv women for the stronger sex. What 10 sexiest women on tv does it become tight in pants and drool from? Let’s see. 

The role of a hot baby can go not only to the heroine of a fucking porn movie. It can be a bitchy businesswoman or a victim from a horror movie. Everyone has its damn preferences and sexual perversions. Here we have found different women for you, so you definitely find the girl to your liking.

10th place: Robin Wright and her Steel Sexual Character

sexiest women on tv

Claire Gale Underwood from The House of Cards (an American web series) can even kill with her cold stare. She is as charming as cruel, like her husband. There is a couple of 45+ that rocks more and better than youth. Robin plays the wife of the protagonist Frank who is heartless, manipulative, unaware of any moral standards guy as many sexy girls like. All this cruelty of a cold-blooded businesswoman still turning me on, so Robin is in our rating of the sexiest TV stars. 

9th place: Deborah Ann Woll ‒ the Perfect Woman and a Hooker 

sexiest women on tv

Well again, the beauty with steel eggs! She can be good as a whore, a nice woman and she knows how to keep the barrel in her hands.

Actress Deborah Woll wanted to become the new Karen Page in the new adaptation of the Daredevil Marvel comics. The girl worked for a long time to ensure that her heroine was both Madonna and a whore. This seems to be what 90% of men in the universe crave to see! There is also a girl secretary. Combo for your deep fantasy. Well, maybe even gay would change his orientation for one day for the sake of the hottest women on television!

8th place: Drea de Matteo ‒ a Woman With Strong Character

sexiest women on tv

The next position in the ranking of the best looking women on TV is Drea de Matteo. Hmm… in the modern world has become popular, not only women with character but also with a permit for weapons. There is something sexy here. 

7th place: Aja Naomi King ‒ Smart Sexy Baby

sexiest women on tv

Aja Naomi King is a typical protagonist of popular American TV shows. A girl with a complex of an excellent student, but the sexiest woman on tv is not without her dark cockroaches. The heroine of Aji, Michaela Pratt, is a very smart girl. She knows this so well that considers herself above others. A woman with a character, well, a fucking strong and sharp character. 

So, as we see, we have another sexy baby with brains that she knows how to use. Still, not only a delicious ass and a glorious face makes a woman beautiful. But it’s also quite important! The brain is still a good bonus for the sexiest tv stars. We won’t be going on about it. Just take a look for yourself. Isn’t she a sexy woman on tv?

6th place: Priyanka Chopra ‒ Exotic Beauty

sexiest women on tv

Yeah, there are still beautiful sexy girls in India! Priyanka Chopra fascinates with her exotic appearance and incredible femininity. She is fucking hot in the role of Alexa Parrish. An exotic lady in the form of an FBI agent looks so hot. The character of Priyanka Chopra is fighting for the safety of the lives of innocent people. She has a brilliant character, an interesting past and, of course, sexuality. All the inherent qualities make us not only want to fuck this girl but also deeply love her. 

5th place: Kerry Washington with a Huge Dose of Sex on Camera

sexiest women on tv

On the fifth place of the sexiest TV stars is Kerry Washington. The role of Olivia Pope in the series “Scandal” was the best in career for the actress. She really showed herself and realized her full potential. She did not need to undress to express her sexuality. It was enough facial expressions, a gesture, a look. It may sound somehow soapy, but men are not only caught by breast-baring. There must be something else. This “something else” has Olivia Pope. 

The brightest love scene in the series, which the audience liked, takes place between the main character and the president of the country in an electric switchboard room. The scene is short, but it is saturated with passion, anger and, according to the audience, “causes trembling in the knees”.

4th place: Don’t Write off Jennifer Lopez

sexiest women on tv

Jennifer Lopez will no longer be number one on the list of the sexy TV women, but a world-class star honestly can win the fourth place. In her 50+ she was able to beat the girls much younger than her and this is already an indicator. Jay Law is still so hot. In the series Shades of Blue, she played an FBI agent. What a surprise! Men are still enthusiastic about sexy girls in uniform.

3rd place: Charming Stella Carlin and “Orange Is the New Black”

sexiest women on tv

Stella Carlin is called “Lesbian Jolie”, for her sake, the girls are ready to change orientation. Men, of course, are not going to change sex yet, but they will not deny that they see a real beauty. She is definitely one of the hottest women on television! Her Australian accent, tattoos, sophisticated facial features ‒ yes, she is fucking awesome and there’s nothing to add. It seems she overshadowed the main characters of the Orange Is the New Black series.

2nd place: Sofia Vergara ‒ Boobs plus Humor

sexiest women on tv

Sofia Vergara, actress of the TV series “American Family”, climbed to second place on the Everest of the sexy women on TV rating. Her character Gloria Delgado-Pritchett is fucking hot and amazing. Her figure, manner of communication… Every man wants her. A woman has everything to hook from the screen just with her sexy look. And when she begins to play her part, that’s all, all the men on the planet belong to her. Sofia plays a fairly temperamental woman who has a sense of humor and that always hooks an audience.

1st place: Hot Blonde Emilia Clarke and her Damn Charisma

sexiest women on tv

Number one in the ranking of the sexiest women on TV is the mother of dragons! It is hard to deny that absolutely everyone would want to sleep with this little sexy angel. She magically takes our heart with one wave of her eyebrow. In the role of Daenerys Targaryen, she managed to conquer the whole world. Her character cannot be forgotten, especially the hotbed scenes. Even in the first season, her dominance over Khal Drogo is something cool. This sexy TV women just got on top and conquered the heart of the muscle. Good girl! 

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