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15 Free Or Cheap First Date Ideas

Don’t be afraid to spend the evening with your soul mate if there is no money: emotions bring you closer than big expenses. Here are some free date ideas that you’ll like for sure. 

Go on a city tour

In any, even the smallest settlement, there are places shrouded in legends. Make an exiting route through them, learn interesting facts, and invite your soulmate for a walk through familiar places. Pretty cheap but an interesting date, right?

Do something with your hands

Think of an idea on how to assemble a model of a dream house from glue and sticks. And try to realize the idea. At best, you will be happy with the result, at worst, you will have a lot of fun.

Set up an improvised cinema

Just download a romantic movie on your laptop and go to the park or to the rooftop. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Ride bikes

Do you have some bikes or rollers? Find something you have at home and enjoy your time together. 

Cook dinner together

What about some super cheap date night ideas? No need to use the most difficult recipe ever. Try to cook together something the simplest, you will like it for sure.

Make a wish list

Take a piece of paper, let your imagination run wild, and write down everything you want to do in the next 10 years. You will be able to get to know each other better and understand what kind of life each of you wants for yourself in the future.

Ride the long tram route

Some trips by public transport can replace a sightseeing tour of the city. Choose a bus, trolley bus, or tram that runs from end to end of the city and enjoy the views while talking to each other. 

Go to a small local museum

It can be free, or at least a very cheap date. And probably interesting enough if you will choose a museum in advance.

Make a picnic

You will definitely find some snacks at home, and you won’t have to spend money. And pay attention to the details. A nice tablecloth, glass plates, and metal utensils will create a very different mood than their plastic counterparts.

Teach each other your favorite hobbies

Maybe he/she loves drawing, playing instruments, or doing some sports – whatever it is, learning about his/her interests like this will help you get to know each other so much more quickly. It can be a really cheap date that will help you to find something in common.

Visit free lectures or master class

The main thing is to take care of registering for a free event, as the number of places for them is usually limited, and there are many people who want to attend them. You can find an event for every taste – from a scientific lecture to extreme sports.

Visit an animal shelter

It is not necessary to get a pet. Just look at the dogs, cats, and other furry inhabitants of the shelter, take a walk with them and bring some food. It evokes tenderness and you will do a good deed for these animals.

Visit a cafe with board games

In major cities, board game shops have weekly events where you can come and play for free. Even if you pay a bit to use these games, it’s still gonna be a cheap date.

Dedicate a date to volunteering

To do this, you can look for volunteers on the streets, look at the city website, or arrange your own charity event.

Just drink a cup of coffee while talking

A cup of coffee is not that expensive and is a great option for a first date, especially during the cold season. So you can get to know each other while spending time just talking in some cozy place.

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